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Friday, November 9, 2007

Your bitterness, I will dispel...

It was raining that night. The howling wind blew so strong that it shook the trees nearby my house. I was cold. I was shuddering thinking that my beloved Bobo – a fat marmalade tabby- hadn’t returned home yet. I glanced at the clock and it’s 7.00 pm. It’s way past his dinner time. I was on the verge of tears.

He should be home by six… like he always does. Where is Bobo? I spoke quietly to myself while looking at his favourite bowl. It had Bobo’s name written across it. The food was untouched.

Suddenly, hot tears running down my cheeks forming small rivulets. Oh no! what if Bobo was hit by a car, and he died on the street. What if somebody stole him and tortured him, and left him died… what if… what if… what if…. I tried to shove all my negative thoughts.


When I opened my eyes, it was already morning. I quickly checked my alarm clock on the night stand beside my bed. I squinted and realized it was 9.00 p.m. I called out my cat’s name and he was nowhere to be found. I held my breath and tried to listen for his bell. It’s in vain. Bobo did not return last night.

Panicked, I dashed outside calling out his name! Tears streaming down my cheeks and I wiped it with the back of my right hand. My vision was blurred by my tears. Suddenly, I heard a cold hoarse voice behind me.

“It’s useless… Bobo will not be coming back!” It was my neighbour, Mrs. Simon. She stood akimbo. Her gaze was as cold as ice.

“What do you mean?! What do you mean?!” I asked all teary-eyed. My eyes never left hers, hoping for a quick asnwer.

Unfortunately, she didn’t say anything. Not even a word. Nevertheless, her cold smile sent shivers to my bone. I realized Mrs. Simon despised Bobo because Bobo once killed her pet rabbit,Sinchan. It was totally accidental. She left Sinchan alone, unattended, wondering in her backyard. Bobo was merely following his predatory instinct. He should not be blamed! He was just a cat!

She started to smile again. This time it was certain...

“I killed Bobo! Yes, I did! I gave him rat poison and I burned his wretched carcass to ashes!” declared Mrs. Simon smugly without any shred of sympathy.

Her words hit me. They hit me where it hurt the most.

“Noooooo!!....” all teary-eyedI dashed into my house.

I’m gonna kill you… I’ll avenge Bobo’s death. Mark my words. I quietly vowed. Knowing that it was useless. But like the old saying goes, "revenge is dish best served cold".


I’d heard a rumour about HELL CORRESPONDENCE. However, from the rumour I heard that was only available in Japan. I wasn’t sure whether it’s accessible in other countries. But I would certainly try it tonight at the stroke of midnight.


In the sill of the night, I sat quietly staring at the screen of my notebook. I glanced at the watch at the bottom of my screen. It’s 11.50 p.m.

I still have another 10 minutes. I’m gonna do it…. Bobo’s death must be avenged!

It’s 11.58 a.m. and I quickly typed JIGOKU TSUSHIN at the space provided in the search engine and I clicked the 'search' button. Then, less than 15 seconds the list of its URL addresses appeared. I, then, click at one of the links and it automatically redirected me to a strange dark website.

Suddenly, it appeared. The website was rather austere. There was a small flame, flickering in the middle of the black website and there was only one space for you to type in. Above the space there was a sentence written in Japanese but somehow it changed to English. It wrote: Your bitterness, I will dispel.

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Without hesitation I typed ‘Fiona Simon’ in the space provided and, I clicked the 'submit' button underneath the space. Then automatically, the black web page disappeared from my notebook's screen. I held my breath. Hoping for an immediate miracle...

“This is for you…” I heard a soft - almost whispering- voice behind me. When I turn around, there she was... the infamous Hell Girl, AI ENMA. She was so petite however, I could feel the aura of animosity emanated from her dainty frame . She held out her hand and handed me a strange blue straw doll with a red string tied around its neck. I aversely took the doll with my cold shivering hands...

“You may pull the red string if you want to send the person that torments you to hell, but…” her big eyes never left me. Her red irises seemed to penetrate my living soul. Her stare definitely sent chills to my spine.

“…when a person is cursed, two graves are dug. If you pull the red string, you will enter an official contract with me. And..." Her eyes were still fixed on me.

"... when you died, your soul will be sent straight to hell.” She continued. Her voice sounded child-like yet the seriousness was unbearable.

Enveloped by the undue rage I pulled the string. Yes! This is it! Suddenly I heard a faint mysterious whisper : "I will deliver your vengeance...". As the whisper ended, I felt a hot and piercing sensation at my left chest. It’s the symbol… the famous symbol was mysteriously tattooed at my left chest. It's the official symbol of the 'contract'. I then realized, the red string had vanished from my frail trembling fingers...


The next morning, I woke up to a brand new day. I took a deep breath of satisfaction. The air felt so incredibly sweet.

Was it a dream? I thought to myself. But, as I looked into the mirror and I saw the reflection of chest in the mirror on the night stand, I realized it wasn’t. I was rather disturbed by the fact but I smiled anyway, feeling victorious! I touched the 'tattoo' and the piercing pain was still present.

Suddenly, I heard something, which I shouldn’t . “Meowww…

It was soft at the beginning but it's getting louder each time. It’s Bobo! I was so ecstatic but… thus gravely reminded me that Mrs. Simon did not kill him.

I felt hot tears running down my cheeks. What have I done… what have I done! I whispered to myself while looking at the ‘tattoo’ at my chest.

And Bobo entered the house and straight away went to the kitchen to enjoy his meal...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An APPLE a day, keeps YAGAMI away...

What can I say about DEATHNOTE. One thing for sure is, this anime is in superb! Love it! This is a dark psychological thriller. When I watched it for the first 5 minutes, Iinstantaneously got hooked. This is one heluva anime.

Raito Yagami
At first, I thought that he is gonna be the good guy in this anime. I know I'm being shallow and one-dimensional. Well, who can blame me, he is so cute and intelligent and what's more he is so polite. Then, comes the deathnote. At the beginning, his actions were based on his pure intention to 'purify' the world from the perpetual 'impurities' but his good intention is deviated when he started to feel omniscient and god-like. He feels invincible and almighty. At last, he is corrupted by newfound immeasurable power. He has the power to determine one's death. Thanks to the deathnote. DEATHNOTE changes all my perspective regarding what I've been taught so far. Apparently Yagami Raito is an antithesis of anarchetypal protagonist. That's brilliant!

L or L. Lawliet (wierd name for a wierd guy)
L is the most wierd character I have ever encountered. In my opinion, L is actually the protagonist, however, we know nothing about him. FYI, a protagonist should have a three-dimensional and dynamic characteristic, but not in L's case. As for L he is a character with double characterizations. He is the antagonist and at the same time he is the protagonist of this anime as well. The creators have certainly made a breakthrough. DEATHNOTE is thought-provoking because it exhibits the theme of good and evil in a different kind of angle and level. I love the twist at the end of this anime (here comes the spoiler!). For those who have finished watching this anime, I believe they would share my opinion that L was ill-treated in this anime. He shouldn't die!

Ryuk (Shinigami)
When I first saw him, I thought he's going to be the real deal. The real antagonist! Well, he is not like the shinigami in Bleach. Based on his revolting look and his humongous built he supposed to be the villian. I know, I have judge a book by it's cover yet again! In DEATHNOTE, he can't be considered as the villian because he is neither Raito's ally nor henchman. His action is driven by his excessive boredom. He considers human beings as a source of entertainment. Thus he can't be blamed in the first place. But then again, if he did not discard the deathnote in the first place, Raito would not pick up the deathnote. Then the whole conflict will surface. BTW, he loves apple so much... (what's up with that).

Even though this anime doesn't have an interesting opening and ending themes (not to my liking, at least) this anime is worth watching. It's a must see. Excellent!

If you are interested in watching this anime, you can download it at this LINK (RMVB format). Enjoy!

'The melting pot' of Ouran School Host Club...

OURAN SCHOOL HOST CLUB (OSHC hereafter) is a relaxed and funny anime. It's different from any other animes that I have watched because this anime doesn't really exude hard-core internal and external conflict. It's a feel-good anime.

The characters are so hillarious and unique. Each character has different personality and they come from different backgrounds. Haruhi Fujioka - the heroine, Tamaki Suoh - the hero a.k.a the comic relief, Kyouya Ohtori - the brain, The Twins, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachin - the mischievious ones, Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka' - the cute one and Takashi Morinozuka- the silent one. At the end of the day Host Club founded by Tamaki and Kyoya unifies them and make them best of friends.

The theme is very simple yet it is dealt with utmost precision throughout the series. It is filled with laughters and bitter-sweet encounters too. There are hits of romance scattered all over the place but there is no exact romantic moment. However, the anime still rocks!

The anime is clean from any profanity, nudity and ecchi elements, hence it comes with high recommendation. It is one size fits all!

Even though OSHC doesn't have outstanding opening and ending themes, this anime is recommended for people who want to break free from mundane day-to-day work. Like I said earlier OSHC is a feel-good and fun anime.

Here's the LINK where you can download the episodes. But I need to remind you that these episodes are in RMVB format. So, please install Real Player first.

Monday, November 5, 2007

An Epistle for Dearly Loved Kai-kun…

To my dearest friend Kai Miyagusuku, I hope this letter found you well.

How's life in Koza, Okinawa? I hope everything will be o.k. I heard the news of Saya’s 'death', when I met David and Julia last week at the airport. I cannot offer you anything but my deepest and sincere condolence. I just realized that you have faced so many deaths of your loved-ones in your life. The untimely demise of your beloved father, your much-loved little sister, Saya and the unexpected loss of your darling little brother, Riku must be so hard on you, but hang in there!

Dearest, Kai-kun…
As a son, you have made your father proud. You have taken the responsibility without any hesitation and fear. I believe that he is smiling, looking down on you from heaven. You have done so much to keep the family together, and you did. It’s true when people said that blood doesn’t make a family but it’s the heart. You have done your best to protect and defend Saya and Riku even though they were your foster siblings.

Dearest, Kai-kun…
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t ever blame yourself on what had happened. As human beings we are vulnerable to mishaps. Hence as a human being it’s only forgivable if you feel vulnerable and powerless at times. I trust that you have done your utmost to protect little Riku but his demise was not caused by the lack of responsibility or weakness but Diva’s overwhelming malice. Diva’s unnerving evil and cruelty had affected us all.

Dearest, Kai-kun…
Thanks for inviting me to the party. I was so happy to see you and Saya were finally a family again. While I was standing in one corner of your omoro and I saw both of you were laughing joyfully. Deep inside I was praying for your unending happiness but regrettably, that happiness was short-lived after the death of Saya.

My dearest Kai-kun…
You should be proud of yourself because you brought Saya home, even for a short while. You brought back her normal life, her childhood and most importantly you brought back her smiles and laughter. You are truly a good brother. What’s more, you have helped Saya’s soul from being devoured by sin and hatred when you convinced her to spare the twins. Don’t worry, Kai, your happiness is not transient. You have the twins and I trust they will be your reason to keep on living as they will keep the memories of Saya and Riku alive.

My beloved Kai…
How’s fatherhood treating you? I am sure you’re enjoying it. I hope the twins don’t give you much trouble. I trust you will be just like your father one day, strong, responsible, warm and devoted. Be strong, and I believe your life will be blessed forever. Smile always and I hope to see you real soon. Take care…

With love that echoes in time,

Friday, November 2, 2007

And the blue sky cries: Blood+

Before I begin anything, I would like to declare that BLOOD+ is the best anime to date. Therefore, allow me to give a big round applause to the creator of the anime. Why do I like it? Well, IMHO, Blood+ has everything; simple yet exciting plot; well-developed protagonists (I prefer Kai) and intense antagonists (what’s with Diva?); and amazing opening and ending themes, hence the title of this entry: Aozora No Namida (The Tears of the Blue Sky). When I watched it for the first 10 minutes, I instantaneously got hooked. I simply love the fighting scenes!

And the story goes on…
The plot of this anime is simple yet it has the element of a good story: the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and not forgetting the ending or the resolution. The episodes are moderately long (50 episodes) so the characters have enough room to develop.

The story begins when we are first introduced to Saya Otonashi at her school, a regular and candid school girl. When she discovers the truth about herself she is in denial. But as the story develops she finally embraces her true being. Towards the end of this anime, Saya has transformed into a powerful, extraordinary and a ruthless warrior fighting a bunch of revolting creatures called Chiropteran. If you think that they are the only things she has to face, you are dead wrong! She also has to face her evil twin called Diva and her minions. BTW, Saya also has a cello prodigy Chevalier named Haji (or Hagi in some version) who would sacrifice anything and die for her. I believe there is a hint of love between these two characters.

But the only thing that I hate about this anime is (watch out! For those who haven’t watch the end, this might be the spoiler that you should avoid), when she 'died' at the end (actually she is hibernating but her body is placed in a crypt). It’s not fair! It should finish with a happy note. Well, it’s a happy ending despites Saya’s untimely 'death'. The twins (Diva’s progeny produced after she 'raped' Riku) can be considered as Saya’s continuance. At first she wanted to slay the twins for the reason that she doesn’t want them to have the same fate like she and Diva had. Then, she was stopped by Kai when he convinced her that the twins will be brought up normally by him in a normal surrounding.

Another reason why I like this anime is, the ways how each character is portrayed. I prefer the development of Kai Miyagusuku whom also Saya’s foster brother. At the beginning of this story Kai is depicted as an easygoing, frank, rowdy and reckless young school athlete. He tried to keep the family united but just when he was getting used to the fact that some of his relatives aren't human, Riku (his youngest sibling) was raped and eventually killed by Diva, and Saya disappeared for a year. As the story develops he becomes a handsome, responsible, resilient gentleman as he has to fight the same war; to banish the Chiropteran from the earth. The experience has toughen and made him into the person he is. He acts as Saya's anchor. His brotherly love for Saya makes him more mature and protective. I think this anime exudes the important theme of love and sacrifice.

There, I have said it! I am hoping that there would be Blood+ 2 because the twins are kept alive by Saya. I cried my heart out and there is no other anime had ever caused me to cry so hard! To rub it in, the ending theme for the special episodes is Kataritsugu Koto and it complements the whole mood and sentiment for that particular moment! Nankurunaisa… (whatever it means!)

This is the L.I.N.K if you want to download the series. Have fun, peeps!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"When a person is cursed, two graves are dug..." Ai Enma

Well, the heading of this entry says it all! Frankly saying I don't really fancy this anime, Jigoku Shoujo, because after I watched several episodes, I find that this anime is repetitive and predictable. The 'client' got harrased and then the 'target' will be sent to hell, instantaneously. Vengence comes so easy! But the drawback is, the 'client' will also go to hell immediately after he or she dies. Talk about easy!

'Your pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness,
you have caused a lot of pains and sufferings,
your soul is drowned in sins,
let me show you what death is...'

Then, there were two...
I was hoping Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (second season) would be a bit different, well too bad. Last night I watched one of the episodes of JS2 and it has disappointed me yet again. It's so predictable. The only think that is good about JS2 is the ending theme, Aizome. I think I kinda like it. I'm using the song in this blog. This song is better than the ending theme of JS1, much better.

IMHO, I think this anime should have a much needed twist in order to stay alive. It's rather predictable.

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