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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Better than GOOD!

DARKER THAN BLACK (DTB hereafter) is one helluva anime. It is certainly one of its kind. What I like most about this anime is the details and the terminology used. This anime is packed with action - from episode 1 till 26. Moreover, if you fancy animes of neo-noir and supernatural genre, this is definitely the one!

It began ten years ago before the plot, an area of anomaly known as Hell's Gate appeared mysteriously in Japan - Tokyo, to be exact. This phenomenon has altered the sky and triggered disorder on earth. The stars diminished and they were replaced by the false ones. During this time, people with special abilities emerged (mutant-ish). Nevertheless, these people were concealed from the knowledge of the public. They were known as The Contractors and apparently these so-called Contractors were able to assassinate in coldblooded manner, without any tinge of sympathy and remorse. Hence, several nations around the globe use these Contractors as spies and assassins.

On the whole, this anime deals with internal as well as external conflicts of the protagonist Hei a.k.a Li Shen Shung. Obviously he is actually an elite Contractor coded BK201. He has the ability to manipulate electricity and he is also known as The Black Reaper. He is kinda 'special' since he has human-like emotions and he kills based on acceptable cause and logic. Other than that, he also has a group of comrades : Mau, Yin and Huang. These friends of his are very co-operative and each of them has his/her own knack in different areas. Well, except Huang, because he is just a human being. Huang acts as moderator between The Syndicate and Hei. Yin, on the other hand, is not really a contractor. She is Hei's informer known as the doll. Mau is a Contractor who has the ability to transfer his soul into animals' bodies and apparently he has lost his human body during the process.

DTB is produced by BONES Studio. The same production that produces famous and highly-acclaimed animes like Full Metal Alchemist, Jyu Oh Sei, Eureka 7, Ouran School Host Club and many more.

You gotta watch this series and I vouch that you will constantly at the edge of your seat. Try this LINK!


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