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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sins of the Fathers...

Kudos to Nakamura Kenji for directing BAKENEKO Arc in Ayakashi. The visual as well as the audio are so breathtaking! The graphic is certainly the work of art. I really adore the seiyuu of The Medicine Seller by Takahiro Sakurai. He is definitely a very talented and gifted seiyuu to date.

The Plot:
The story took place during Edo Period. A samurai family was planning to have a wedding ceremony for the daughter. However, as they were to celebrate the wedding, the daughter was massacred miserably. According to a traveling medicine-seller (Takahiro Sakurai), it was the work of a Bakeneko or Goblin Cat. As if predicted by his words, the other family members began to be killed, one by one.

The Medicine Seller agreed to destroy the Bakeneko, as he had the means, however to do so, he must know the monster's real form as well as the truth behind the reason for its appearance and killings. That was when the family's dark secrets begin to surface....

The Spoiler:
Twenty-five years ago, a girl on her wedding day was kidnapped by the former lord of the household and ended up as everybody's sex slave down in a dungeon. She died by starving herself to fatten a cat she kept as a pet, in the hope that the cat might escape from the dungeon someday.

Somehow, I felt rather disturbed by this sentiment that the sin was not directly committed by the present generation and yet, they have to endure the punishment.
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The Verdict:
This is absolutely a must-watch. Try to catch it in any way you can. Try Youtube. I'm sure you will find the episodes.

I simply adore the artwork done for this anime. Just look at the promotional poster I enclosed with this entry. Simply awesome!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sappy, Pathetic...

I bought AYASHI NO CERES dvd last month and I was waiting for the best time to watch the anime. Judging from the title - Ceres, Celestial Legend- I was hoping that this anime would be intersting to watch.

After several episodes I found that this anime is nothing to look foward to. It's too sappy and pathetic for my taste. And the graphic is not impressive enough. Maybe because this anime is aired in year 2000. The idea is rather far-fetched (I know I am being biased right now). And the portrayal of the protagonist Mikage Aya is not really striking. The conflict doesn't really appeal to me. It is based on a famous legend however Yuu Watase doesn't give justice to the legend. (Am I too brash? If I am, gomene... I'm just expressing my thought, and nothing more).

I am still watching the episodes and I literally dragged myself watching the whole episodes... Maybe I'll write another review after I finished the whole thing. I hope this anime won't disappoint me...

Click this L.I.N.K for more 411 on the anime.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twist away!

SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI (Eng. So Long, Mr. Despair) is an anime that is in the class of its own. An absolute must-watch. I adore the portrayal all the characters. Each character has her/his own quirk that is rather ludicrous but possible.

In this anime, we will be introduced to the pessimistic and depressed kimono-hakama-geta-wearing protagonist named Itoshiki Nozomu who is also a high school teacher. At the very beginning of this anime, Itoshiki-sensei is trying to hang himself from a blossoming sakura tree. He claims that his life is not worth living anymore. Then, enters Kafuka Fuura (her name is actually adapted from Franz Kafka) into the scene. She is the most optimistic living creature God has ever created! She, in fact, manages to thwart Itoshiki's suicidal attempt. She even 'believes' that he is trying to make himself taller in order to join the local basketball team.

Later, we will be introduced to many more characters with quirky mannerisms / personality that are so out of this world. We will meet Kitsu Chiiri who is so obsessed with things to be precise, equal and proper. This can even be seen from her evenly-parted straight hair. Then, there is a hikikomori named Komori Kiri. There is also a stalker named Tsunetsuki Matoi. She has the tendency to change her style according to her current object of obsession. We will also be introduced to Kobushi Abiru who has a fetish of pulling animal tails. In the anime she is always covered with bandages her injuries are actually caused by irate animals reacting to having their tails pulled by her. There is also a schizo foreign student named Kimura Kaere / Kaede who seems to relish the idea of suing people. This character is actually mocking the Americans who seem to enjoy suing people for any ridiculous reasons. I would love to share more with you regarding the characters but then again I'm afraid I would inadvertently give out the spoiler instead. So, I better stop here...

In the final analysis, this anime is definitely twisted (in the truest meaning of it) and nerve-wracking. However, it is extremely hilarious at the same time you will be in stitches!

Anyhow, I don't recommend this anime to younger viewers, though, since some of the issues dealt need deeper understanding. Anyway, I love it!

If you want to download the full episodes, try this L.I.N.K.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me likey...

Apparently, R.O.D TV has lived up to its predecessor's reputation R.O.D OVA. It is imperative to watch the OVA first before the TV version. It's a MUST!

R.O.D TV taking place after 6 years of the original plot. The TV version introduces a whole new set of characters. There will be The Three Sisters Detective Agency and also an author who hasn't written anything for years, Sumiregawa Nenene.

The three sisters - Michelle, Maggie and Anita - obviously, have similar power like Yumiko Readman from the OVA. They can control and manipulate paper. In this series, we will discover the whole conspiracy that happens in the OVA. That's why I believe it is a must to watch the OVA first (there! I said it again).

It's hard to explain here. Really, really complicated yet so very entertaining! The graphic details and the realism are so mind-blowing. The developments of characters and plot is so intriguing and thought-provoking. Most importantly, the mystery will definately be revealed. The twist... who can forget the twist!

Two words - MUST WATCH, period!

Click H.E.R.E if you want to download the full episodes. Have fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Freakin' awesome!

Last night, (Sunday, 11.00 p.m.) I watched Ayakashi: (Tokaido) Yotsuya Kaidan (lit. Ghost Story of Yotsuya) and it was freakin' awesome! Ces't magnifique! I really can't wait for the next episode. it's a definitely must-watch!

This episode is actually based on a famous kabuki play by a famous kabuki directed Tsuruya Nanboku IV. The story itself is really frightening and sad at the same time. It's about a woman who is betrayed then poisoned by her own husband. Then, her body is dumped in a river and she is let to rot.

It brings my attention to one important issue. Cruelty on women is endless and it certainly transcends time. Women are the one who suffer all the negative consequences done by men and women are the ones who have to endure all the pain inflicted by men...

No wonder there are so many ghost stories based on women's suffering because of men.

Wanna know more about the kabuki play, click [here].

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cats, cats and more cats!

My passion for cats leads me to this anime movie. Studio Ghibli has produced so many highly-acclaimed anime movies that have received numerous world-wide accolades. One of them is THE CAT RETURNS (Neko no Ongaeshi lit. The Cat's Repayment of Favours)

This anime movie was inspired by an original manga created by Aoi Hiiragi. Initially, this was Hayao Miyazaki's project.
In the end, the responsibility fell to Hiroyuki Morita. Miyazaki is the executive producer for this anime movie.

Basically, this is a fantasy story about a 17-year old girl Yoshioka Haru who wonders into the world of cats. Prior to an incident, she then went to the cats' world guided by a big, fat cat named Muta. Soon after she enters the magical place, she meets with a talking cat named Baron Humbert von Gikkingen. Baron is actually a cat figurine in a magical antique shop who is given life. Thereafter, the magical adventure continues...

Generally, this anime movie may look silly and frivolous on the appearance, nevertheless it portrays a profound coming-of-age theme. In this animation movie, Haru, the protagonist is taught a variety of lessons and values, such as self-respect, loyalty and appreciation. She also learns on how to deal uncertain destinies. In order to change her fate, it is necessary for young Haru to believe in herself, and to appreciate her everyday life.

I really adore The Cat Returns for its fascinating and stunning visuals. The unique and intriguing storytelling is definitely the plus point.

If you notice Baron and Muta have made a special cameo in Studio Ghibli's Whisper of the Heart.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fact & fiction intertwined...

Last night, I watched AYAKASHI : THE CLASSIC JAPANESE HORROR STORIES on Animax by accident. I don't even know Animax has this series aired few weeks ago. It is because I seldom had a chance to watch the channel because of time constraints. And I prefer watching anime at my own sweet time. But I think this is an excellent anime and it's worth watching based on the excellent graphic details, historical elements as well as cultural background. An integration of fact and fiction. To ensure that I won't miss any episodes I'm gonna make a reminder on my celly about the airing time...

"Ayakashi (怪?) is a Japanese animated horror anthology television series produced by Toei Animation. The series is made up of three stories: "Yotsuya Ghost Story", an adaptation of the classic Japanese ghost story; "Goddess of the Dark Tower", based on the play by Kyoka Izumi; and Goblin Cat, an original story by Kenji Nakamura and Michiko Yokote." (Source: Wikipedia)

Wanna know more, check [HERE] for details.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This you gotta see! Trailer - Dragon Ball - The Movie...

Dragon Ball (anime) finally wil have its own Hollywood movie! Goku will be played by Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum will play Bulma and Chow Yuen Fatt wil play Master Roshi. The official trailer is not released yet, (but the leaked one is) so while waiting for the official trailer of Dragon Ball - The Movie, let's enjoy this first...

- Sorry for the ambiguity of the entry's heading.
- I wonder why did they choose Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum to play the leads? Isn't this a JAPANESE ANIME?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"More than friends but not yet lovers"...

REC is originally a Japanese manga written by Q-Tarou Hanamizawa, an anime adaptation was produced by Shaft and consist of nine twelve-minute episodes.

This is the love story about a single average salary man and a girl who has a dream to be a seiyū or a voice actress. It begins when Fumihiko Matsumaru, was stood up by a girl he knew at work. He was so upset and he decided to crumple his movie tickets in frustration. As he was about to toss the tickets into a trash can, suddenly he heard his tickets 'yelled' at him so that he won't throw them away. Apparently it was a voice of a girl, Aka Onda. His tickets' 'voice' convinced him and eventually they watched the movie together which was Roman Holiday starring the infamous Audrey Hepburn. During the movie, he noticed she was reading the subtitles out loud and at the dinner he found out that the girl is twenty-year-old aspiring seiyū.

One night, after a terrible incident, Aka was forced to stay a night at Fumihiko's apartment and one thing led to another, they slept together. Soon after that, she moved in with him. She also insists they are not a couple in fact she claimed that she merely needed a place to stay after the terrible incident. She considered that sleeping with him was her moment of weakness and nothing more.

In this anime, I didn't expect that Matsumaru and Aka slept together in one night even though they didn't know each other a lot. That seems rather awkward in Asian society. From one night stand, they developed their relationship from as just a friend to "more than friends but not yet lovers".

The series is heavily concerned with the developing dynamic of their relationship. Another issue that the series is higlighting is the changes in values in Japanese community. Nowadays,in Japan, cohabiting apparently is condoned by their community. One thing that I learn in this anime, that love sometimes comes out of the blue and suddenly hit your heart so bad you won't know what hit you!

This is the LINK to download the episodes. Enjoy!


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