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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love is in the air, literally!

I simply adore the 6th episode of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama... W00t! Usui Takumi finally fessed-up his feeling for Misa-chan! and the fact that he deliberately jumped off the roof of the school building in order to retrieve a photo (that could blow Misa's cover) proves that he likes likes Misa-chan. He is such a bold man (or boy)! Way to go Usui-kun. がんばっ!

Usui-kun, カッコイイ! \(*o*)/

Usui: Misa-chan suki da!
And then, the ultimate ドキドキ moment.... *sigh*

You are mine! Whoaaa!

This anime series is the testament that I am an absolute shoujo fan!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here and back again! めんどくさい!

Ulquoirra-sama? Not you again! Tsumaranai, ne!

Right now, I am so bored with BLEACH. Currently we are at episode 269 and I am not the kind of person who watch lengthy episodic series and this is so dragging. Mendoukusei! We are back to Espada Arc. Gosh! How long will it take this time. Sigh... Should I drop this series? Maybe I will give this series another 3 to 4 more episodes. Then, I will decide...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Get ready to get spanked!

Get ready to get spanked!

Time has always been my arch nemesis when it comes to anime-blogging. I really wish I could write KAICHOU WA MAID-SAMA's review on every week's episode. However, since time is the issue, I decided to simply write review on my favorite episodes only. In this episode, it seemed that so many people will be 'spanked' by our Misa-chan...

Pertinent to that, the 5th episode of this anime is really my favorite! I always love the portrayal of the female protagonist Ayuzawa Misaki in this anime especially this episode. Best of all, I really like how our heroine deals with the stalkers.She was so independent and practical, kakkooi! In this episode she was involved in a rather sticky situation in which she was harassed by two stalkers who were interested in S&M. Who will be S and who will be M?

No, no... Misa-chan doesn't need a stunt gun! Misa-chan knows aikido!

Usui: Did I turn you on?

Naturally, being a man, Usui Takumi feels that it is his responsibility to protect Misa-chan. In fact, everybody expects that he would be the knight in shining armour who swooped her off her feet to safety.... WRONG! Usui doesn't even lay a finger on anybody. As usual, the day is once again saved by our heroine Misa-chan!

Misa: I am gonna spank you!
Usui: *Gasp* ドキドキ...

Stalker:Do you need a shave?!
Misa: That's a stunt gun, baaka!

Not so sweet anymore! Kyaaa!

Just say it! You love her! Arghhhh! This is killing me!

Anyway, the day becomes normal once the stalkers are arrested. And Misa acknowledges Usui's effort to protect her... Typical tsundere. I love this episode because somehow it catapults their relationship to a better level. In which, both are beginning to acknowledge both's feelings and emotions... By the way, towards the end of the episode Usui did get his 'spanking' form Misa-chan...

S & M stands for Sadism and Masochism. Sadism is a sexual fetish wherein one person gets satsfaction by inflicting pain on another person. Masochism is the opposite, where you get satisfaction by having pain inflicted on yourself.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

HTT live!

Being a K-ON! fan, this OVA is what I have been waiting for. It's about time for the girls to showcase their talent. They are definitely stage-ready!Even though the storyline of this OVA is simple, the idea of the girls having their first gig is really significant for the plot of the whole serialization.

Apparently, this OVA takes place in between the first season and the second season. Apparently, the girls were invited to do their live gig at a live house. Actually, they were invited by Ritsu's old friend who also had her own band. As we all guessed it, Ritsu was over the moon. Initially, it seemed that, Mio and Azusa were reluctant with the live gig, however when they realised that Mugi was willing to cancel her vacation, they ditched their plan. This is due to the spirit of camaraderie.

Discussion time...

Mugi just cancelled her vacation! しまった!

In this OVA, the girls were finally introduced to the real world of entertainment. They were exposed to the behind-the-scene activities prior to the gig. Since it was new to them, everything made them excited. They were given backstage passes and their own tickets and that had overwhelmed them!


A supposed briefing... Ritsu was ignored!

Hora! Their very own gig ticket! This had caused everybody to be extremely excited. Even Ui (who was supposed to be more mature and composed compared to Yui) and since she was so overwhelmed she decided not to use them. Motainai, ne!

O, the tickets...わくわく!

The backstage pass...

Apparently, this gig had taught them a lot! Especially on the processes that they had to go through in order to do a gig. And they even work with many bands and band members that were going to perform on that day. The most embarrassing moment is when their rehearsal was a total wreck and to to make it even worse, they were witnessed by other bands as well... Nevertheless, the other bands were so supportive when they kept on cheering for our beloved HTT! Genki dashite, minna-san!

The other bands... HTT paled in comparison...

Mio, and she fell again... So deja vu!

A total blunder!

Hang in there, girls!

The face of a proud teacher... Sawako-sensei. She made it to HTT's first ever live gig! Ahhh... yokatta!

Finally, the gig! Yatta!...


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