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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aishteru yo! - My choice of Anime couples

Couple 1

Names : Nomiya Takumi and Yamada Ayumi
Anime : Honey and Clover (both seasons)

Why do I like them:
Nomiya is like a knight in shining armour. Time and time again, he gallantly 'scoops' Yamada off her feet- who is broken-hearted by Mayama’s rejection- and rescues her from being even more humiliated. It is so obvious that this is a love at first sight for Nomiya. He is in love with Yamada from the moment he sees her. In season 2, the scene that forever etched in my mind is when Nomiya holds Yamada's hand when he sleeps so that she will not run away when he wakes up the next morning. In addition, I like him because he is cool and bold enough to declare his love for Yamada even though he knows that Yamada is reluctant to accept him since she is so besotted with Mayama. No matter what, I'm rooting for him all the way!

Comment :
I strongly believe that this is not an unrequited love. Even though there is no definite scene that Yamada responds to his love but there are some hints scattered all over!

Couple 2

Names : Otani Atsushi and Koizumi Risa
Anime : Lovely Complex a.k.a Lovecon

Why do I like them :
I like the determination shown by Koizumi in winning Otani’s love. Koizumi is so certain that one day Otani will accept her as a girlfriend. And guess what? She wins his heart after all. In fact, towards the end of the series, Otani finally admits that he can’t live without Koizumi no matter how hard he tries to deny it.

Beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder!

Couple 3

Names : Inuyasha and Higurashi Kagome
Anime : Inuyasha

Why do I like them:
They are the cutest couple ever!!!! I like Inuyasha’s ‘silent’ love for Kagome. And I adore the way Inuyasha demonstrates his care and concern for Kagome. I love it when he persuades or apologizes to Kagome. There is a hint of tenderness in his voice. However I detest the idea that Kagome is a pushover. In the anime, she always sacrifices her feelings just to give way for Kikyo. Somehow, other than Naraku, I think Kikyo is the real culprit in this series. Her presence is merely a nuisance to the development of Inuyasha-Kagome's relationship!

WTF?! Inuyasha has never kissed Kagome even at the end of the manga series. Not even a single peck on the cheek!!!

Couple 4

Names : Chiaki Shinichi and Noda Megume a.k.a Nodame
Anime : Nodame Cantabile (both seasons)

Why do I like them:
I really enjoy the idea that these two share same interest and both of them are gifted musicians. I also like the way their love develops in the anime. There are certain subtleties that really attract my attention and they are the reason for me to watch this series. I also like the ways both of them complement each other. In one of the episodes (season 2) Chiaki vows to make both of them a golden couple in future. Now, doesn't that sound like a marriage proposal? You tell me!

Sometimes, Chiaki is way too rough and too harsh on Nodame. I hate it when Chiaki abuses and scolds her like she is dimwitted (well, sometime she does look and act stupid). But all that put aside when finally he kisses her in the second season (spoiler)....

Couple 5

Names: Kyon and Suzumiya Haruhi
Anime : Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Why do I like them:
These two are the most mismatched couple ever! But opposite definitely attracts. I like these two because the combination makes them hilarious! Even though both of them hate each other’s guts, they really complement each other. In fact, Kyon is the anchor that keeps Haruhi grounded. He is the one who tones down Haruhi's precarious personality and insanity.

There is no exact confession, but in the last episode, Kyon confesses that Haruhi is more than just a classmate and that her ponytail turns him on. And then he kisses her (oopps! another spoiler).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Third time's a charm...

Third time is always a charm...

Well, I have to agree. In my opinion the third instalment of Jigoku Shoujo a.k.a JIGOKU SHOUJO MITSUGANAE (The Cauldron of Three) has surpassed the two previous instalments (Jigoku Shoujo & Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori). I really enjoy these new episodes.

Basically, the plot is rather similar: A hates B. A sends B to hell via Jigoku Tsushin a.k.a Hell Correspondence. A’s soul will immediately be ferried to hell after his/her death. However, the conflicts or the grudges portrayed in this new series are a bit unpredictable. I really enjoy the surprise or the twist at the end of each episode. It is certainly a plus point!

In this season we will be introduced to two more new characters. They are Mikage Yuzuki and Yamawaro.

Mikage is a middle-schooler who apparently shares body with Enma Ai. She is able to see what Ai sees. And most importantly she can sense if someone has accessed Jigoku Tsushin. Later in one of the episodes, it is revealed that Mikage is actually Ai’s successor. To refresh your memory, in Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (2nd season), Ai tried to save a boy (Takuma) from being ferried to Hell. As a result, she had lost her body in the final episode. Her body vanished and transformed to sakura petals and scattered in the wind. So, in this season, she uses Mikage’s body as a vessel for her disembodied spirit.

The next new character is Yamawaro. Not much is revealed about him except that he is Kikuri’s playmate. He addresses Kikuri as Hime (princess) and he is always seen tagging along with her. Plus, he also one of the Ai’s assistants and he also can turn into a straw doll if ordered.

For now, I have only watched up to 18th episode. And I can’t hardly wait to download more episodes. If anyone of you are interested H.E.R.E’s the link. Have fun watching!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heaven on earth...


KAMICHU! is created by Besamemucho. The story is focusing on a protagonist named Hitotsubashi Yurie (pron: Yuri-e). She is just a regular middle school student who resides in the city of Onomichi situated on Japan's inland sea. The time of the plot is during the laid-back 1980s. Like the rest of school girls Yurie spends her days distressing about exams, assignments, homework and other mundane day-to-day chores. Her other prominent activity is trying to get Ninomiya Ken, the oblivious boy she adores, to notice her. However, this activity is put on-hold when on one momentous night, she is appointed as a Goddess!

The next day, during lunch day she nonchalantly announces to her friend Shijou Mitsue about her newfound divinity. Upon hearing the news, another classmate of her, Saegusa Matsuri, quickly secures on to Yurie’s divinity. Since her family's shinto shrine is on the brink of bankruptcy, Matsuri sees Yurie’s holiness as a way to promote her family Shinto shrine. She hopes that by replacing their ill-starred and hapless rockstar-wannabe god, Yashima-sama, this will make the shrine more popular and definitely, profitable. Matsuri eventually appoints herself as Yurie’s manager. Now, with a self-professed manager, Yurie has to do all normal goddess regimes such as granting wishes, revoking curses, meeting aliens, and not forgetting attending gods conventions. She does this at the same time as attending school and working-up the courage to confess to her object of affection, Ken.

My two cents

Frankly speaking, For some reasons I really enjoyed watching this series on Animax. What I like the most about this anime is the way it depicts the protagonist. Yurie is depicted as a candid and ditsy young school girl however when certain situations call for her she can very responsible and dependable. It is proven that maturity doesn't come with age, it comes naturally. Great power comes great responsibility.

So much I hate to admit it, the whole idea of a human transforms into a goddess is a tad ludicrous but this anime is not crammed with over-the-top magical scenes or events. There are some scenes but they are shown intermittently throughout the whole series. On top of it, tt doesn’t showcase any gruesome and awe-inspiring scenes or events but it displays the theme of carefree and capricious at a different level. Sometimes, simplicity is all it takes!

Another aspect that I really relish about this anime is the presentation of chaste and pure young love. It doesn’t need any blatant or bold love confession. From the Yurie’s blushing face and Ken’s mannerism and gestures we know that both of them are deeply in love...

Other reasons that attract me to this series are the amazing animation and exquisite details. They represent a rich and lush palette of colors. The animation so smooth that when these characters move around, the detailed little eccentricity, mannerism and expressions are beautifully displayed and that make anime more natural and lifelike. A certainly top-notch quality!

I would love to recommend this to all... Download the series HERE if you are interested.


  1. The title KAMICHU! is actually derived from two Japanese words Kami (God) and Chukagusei (school girl).
  2. Some fans dub this series as Spirited Away, the TV.


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