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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Koreanized Itazura na Kiss...

After Hana Yori Dango, Itazura Na Kiss (Playful Kiss) is now Koreanized as well!!!! W00t! And the best part is my favorite bishie, KIM HYUN JOONG is the male lead (Irie Naoki)! Kyaaaa!

For those who are not familiar with the title, do check this LINK.

However, I believe it's not gonna be soon for the drama to reach our shore because the premier is on 1 Sptember 2010.... Sob!

Till then, enjoy the stills!

Picture credit to www.dramabeans.com

Monday, July 26, 2010

I HEART romantic animes!

I have been watching animes since long ago and I have watched a lot! Through my observation, I noticed that there are many genres and sub-genres of animes. Ever since, my preferences of types or genres of animes have been expanded. Currently, my preference is on romantic animes and this type of animes covers other major genres as well, such as, shoujo, josei, shounen, seinen and the whole nine yards! The type of romantic animes that I like normally is shoujo and josei with a dash of comedy and slice of life. In addition, I love romantic animes that involve gender-bender and tsundere character as well. The list that I am going to share is the mixture of josei and shoujo animes.

Below are the list of 10 romantic animes that I really adore:

1. Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!
If you are trying shoujo for the first time, try this series for size….

2. Ouran High School Host Club
A hilarious gender-bender shoujou themed anime. Simply love it!

3. Lovely*Complex a.k.a Lovecon
A heart-warming and totally romantic anime.

4. Toradora!
A tsundere and a domestic god. Hilarious!

5. Itazura Na Kiss
Love the ending! So heart-tending.

6. Nodame Cantabile + Paris Arc + Finale
Music and romance intertwined. One of the best josei anime, to date!

7. Emma: A Victorian Love Story (season 1 & 2)
The title speaks for itself! Not you average josei themed anime, though...

8. Fruits Basket
Bishies heaven!

9. Paradise Kiss
If you are in to fashion and glam this is a must-watch romantic josei!

10. Honey & Clover (season 1 & 2)
Another romantic josei , though, I don’t really heart the ending.

In actual fact, shoujo animes are intended for demographic which is young teenage girls. However, as time passes by, the genre is accepted by people regardless their age or background. Whereas, josei anime is targeting the young women viewers. Even though, shoujo is for teenagers, I watch the animes because I love the theme and the sentiment they are conveying. And, shoujo animes always make me feel light-hearted and giddy... just like a teenage girl suppose to be....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Move forward, dammit!

I am somewhat frustrated with KWMS ep. 17 (Usui is Now My Enemy). Gosh! I wish Usui and Ayuzawa would move forward with their relationship and be happy together as a couple.

There was an almost-kissing scene but it got ruined by some stupid hanabi! Dammit!

Yeay! They ARE going to kiss again!! Another lip-locking scene, I reckon? kyaaaaa!

Oh, no!!!!! Not the hanabi!

Damn you, stupid hanabi!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

K-On!! Ep. 16: What's eating Nakano Azu-nyan?

Hi, we are the Moe band!

This week's episode of K-ON!! is really interesting. It reveals the true colors of each member : Mugi, Mio, Ricchan and especially Yui.

In this episode, it seems that Nakano Azusa a.k.a Azu-nyan is struggling to regain her old self back.Apparently, after joining the K-On Club, she becomes easily distracted and laid-back. Initially, in the earlier episodes in season 1, she used to be persistent and diligent. However, according to Jun, she has become more and more like the tea-cakes-loving senpais of K-On Club who instead of practicing, they prefer slacking off and chit chatting. Jun's remark sparks Azun-nya's determination to regain her old persistent and diligent self.

In doing so, it leads her to several discoveries which are profound and unexpected.

Boogie, boogie, boogie!

The first discovery is the true color of Kotobuki Tsumugi a.k.a Mugi-senpai. Azu-nyan thought that Mugi is so beautiful because of her fair complexion and her large eyes. However, she discovers that besides being extremely rich, classy and beautiful, Mugi is also a quirky, spontaneous (at least she tries) and a kawaii person. To Azu-nyan's surprise, Mugi is most likely to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Other than that, she likes to 'smuggle' food and loves to surprise people by sneaking behind them... and yet fails to do so. And because of her quirkiness and her adorable quality, she fits right into K-On Club, like a hand in glove!

Singer/song writer in training...

Next, is Akiyama Mio a.k.a Mio-senpai. According to Azu-nyan, Mio is the best example how a member of K-On Club should act. She definitely adores her. Mio is talented (she sings, plays guitar base and writes songs), mature (compared to Ricchan and Yui) and the most serious and focused among all the senpais. In addition, other than being squeamish and extremely bashful, Mio is really dependable. She really cares about the rest of the members especially her childhood friend, Ritsu a.k.a Ricchan. This is shown when Ricchan needs her help with her Home Ec project, Mio never hesitates to help her even once. This leads to another important discovery, Mio was really good at sewing and handling a sewing machine. She looks like a pro!

The unexpected domestic goddess

Who would have ever thought that Tainaka Ritsu a.k.a Ricchan can cook? This is certainly out of Azu-nyan's expectation! In fact she can cook for 5 people in the shortest time ever. Despites her rowdy, spunky and loud temperament she manages to transform herself into a domestic goddess! And in this epi also, we are introduced for the first time Ritsu's younger brother, Satoshi.


Last but certainly not the least, Azu-nyan manages to be alone in the music room with Hirasawa Yui a.k.a Yui-senpai. FYI, the name Azu-NYAN is given by Yui because Azusa looks so adorable and cute in nekomimi (season 1). In this episode, Azu-nyan learned that besides being childish, candid and immature, Yui is very responsible, warm and considerate. She cleans up Ton-chan's aquarium (with Azu-nyan's help) and puts stickers on everything so that it looks more adorable. She even puts a sticker with Azu-nya's name on her personal stuff. Unfortunately, Azu-nyan hates the idea and thinks it is too childish. However, thanks to Yui's stickers craze, her lost key chain is found because of her name-sticker. In this epi also we are exposed that Yui is very warm and 'receptive' person. She doesn't judge people and she accepted everybody the way they are. And best of all, that exhibits her sincerity in their friendship.

This episode has a simple plot and yet it is one of my favorites as it showcases each girl's personality and it is done through the viewpoint of Azu-nyan. Another aspect that I really enjoyed in this epi is the Azu-nyan's intermittent monologues. They provide the deeper insight on each character's personality.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mystery that kills

The second episode of SHIKI: Second Decay has really spooked me! Even though there are no big event or scene in this episode, the thought of ten deaths within one month is really intense!

What is actually happening in a small town of Sotoba. Was it an air-borne pandemic? Was it a mysterious curse? Was it the summer's heat? Or was it the water?

This is killing me!

Picking up where we left off episode 1, after the death of Megumi, Dr. Toshio realised there was lack of solid evidence to declare the real cause of Megumi's demise. So, he had to declare it was caused by acute heart failure. Then, he decided to run an autopsy on her body only to be refused by the parents.

Natsuno was walking alone heading towards Shimizu's residence in order to attend Megumi's funeral. He then bumped into the town's nurse Ritsuko Kunihiro. Then he told her how he found the village insufferable and decided to leave Sotoba one day.

As he reached the gate of Shimizu's residence, he met with Kaori, Megumi's bestfriend. She handed him a postcard written by Megumi for him. Kaori asked him to keep the postcard as a keepsake nevertheless her requested was rejected by him saying that he didn't know Megumi that well.

Meanwhile, at home Natsuno still had the feeling that he was being watched by Megumi and the thought really bothered him.

Toshio received a phone call about another death. And this time the symptom was almost similar with Megumi. It started with minor health problem and it would get worse drastically within days and finally they would die almost immediately...

Then, through a friend, Toshio was told that there were actually 10 deaths in total and the deaths were also from the neigbouring town Mizobe. Toshio had no choice but to declare it as an epidemic. It means that the epidemic was actually spreading at an alarming rate! However, he would want this to be under the radar of the public since he still hadn't been able to gather enough evidence and information.

My verdict:
Well, this episode really triggers my curiosity. What is actually causing the villagers to die? This is so intriguing! Other than that, I really love the background music as well as the vocalization. Seriously... they really complement the mysterious vibes and moods of this anime....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tsundere and her merry friends

I was introduced this anime OOKAMI-SAN AND SEVEN COMPANIONS (a.k.a Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakamatachi) or simply Ookami-san, by one of my students one day. I downloaded the first episode and I instantaneously hooked! I really love the anime and I believe this anime will be on top of my ongoing anime list. So, how did it fare?

This anime is about an adventure of Ookami-san adapted from a series of a light novel created by Masashi Okita. The series will be based on parodies of old fairy tales with funny and light-hearted undertone.

The female lead is Ookami Ryuoko (ookami = wolf) and her side-kick is Akai Ringo (Red Apple) who resembles Red Riding-hood. Another tsundere here.... Just the way I like it! She is assisted by 7 other companions plus a president in an establishment called Otogi Bank.

Otogi Bank is not a real bank. But it works like a bank. In actual fact, it provides services to the clients by helping them solving any predicaments the clients are in. But with one condition. The services are not free of charge as the client must repay the bank's services by helping it in return. That is why it is known as 'bank' because it 'loans' help to the clients. In essence, the anime series will be about the adventure of Ookami and her merry friends helping the clients and hence saving the day!

Like in classeic case of tsundere, in this anime our tsundere heroine meets with the male lead named Morino Ryoushi (ryoushi = hunter) who has his eyes on her (well, he is a hunter, isn't he?) and this will incite a love-hate relationship between them.... Ookami is not exactly fond of this idea of him. Duhh, what do you expect from a tsundere female lead?

Ookami and her merry companions + the president

Anyway, this anime is a keeper. The first episode is the testament! Have a go and mark my word.

I could've sworn I saw Aisaka Taiga somewhere in this anime!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, your school is attacked by flesh-eating zombies...

What would you do if your school was suddenly under attack? And to make thing even worse, it was under attack by a horde of flesh eating zombies! Well, if you want to be one of the survivors, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD (HOTD hereafter) is your perfect manual.

HOTD is actually a manga and it is adapted into anime series by Madhouse. Words on the streets that it's going to be a 12-episode series. Well, I guess it's going to be a helluva anime! The pace must be able to do justice to the plot.

The first episode - Spring of the DEAD - opens with a monologue by Takashi, one of the students. He was with another 2 of his classmates - Rei and Hisashi- fighting off a bunch of zombies in order to save themselves from being devoured.

Then, we are transported to another scene that happened much earlier. There was a strange man banging at the school's gate and some teachers were trying to take the matter into hand by pushing the man away from the gate. However he was bitten by the man who was actually a zombie and few minutes after that, that teacher had turned into a zombie and he bit another teacher.... Unbeknown to them, the incident was witnessed by Takashi...

One thing lead to another, soon the whole school was infected by zombie virus and everybody was zombified in an instant, except some students. The whole school was in panic and soon after that, Takashi realized that the whole town was in catastrophe as well...

Then, we are back to the original plot. Armed with a baseball bat and a mop handle, the three of them tried to save themselves by running towards the roof. In order to defend herself Rei tried to kill one of the zombies. She then, was overwhelmed by one of the zombies but Hisashi managed to save her but in the process, he was bitten. Takashi, then managed to barricade the roof from being infiltrated by the zombies.

Hisashi realized the shape he was in hence he asked Takashi to kill him before he turned into a zombie. Rei tried to stop Takashi believing that Hisashi would not transform. But realizing the grave situation, Takashi ignored Rei's pleading and smashed Hisashi's head with a baseball bat....

And at that moment, they realised that they only had each other....

My verdict:
I think this anime is going to get good reviews throughout its season. The reason being, it is an action-packed and fast-paced anime. And the plot is going to be interesting. I would love to reccomend this series to those who enjoy supernatural,thriller and gore anime. Since I never read the manga, I wonder how will they get through all this?

However, my greatest fear is, this is going to be another 'Resident Evil' type of show or rather a video game-like series with a dash of ecchi flavor to it. So, we just need to relax and sit back and wait. Only time will tell...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Occult Academy : Supernatural Galore!

If you are a supernatural and horror anime fan, OCCULT ACADEMY (a.k.a Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) is the one for you. This anime series has it all. Ass-kicking female lead who can run in heels and fight in a mini, supernatural mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus, over-the-top highschool, and most importantly a naked guy who makes his appearance in the very first episode…. Heck, I am so going to stick to this anime like a glue!

This anime sets in 1999 and it opens with scene of a man running frantically in a wood, trying to teleport in order to save himself from being devoured by a winged beast. However, his effort was in futile when the beast managed to swoop the man and slaughter him before the teleportation finished. Apparently, the man was from the future, year 2012, and he was on mission. Nevertheless, the mission went awry and it had sacrificed 5 out of 6 operators.

Now, back to the original plot. Enters Kumashiro Maya who is the female lead of this anime. She was the daughter of the newly-deceased founder a.k.a principal of Waldstein Academy a.k.a Occult Academy Kumashiro Junichiro who was deceased of heart attack. Obviously, she was running late for her estranged father's funeral.

Everything looked normal initially, but one thing led to another, all hell breaks loose. The school suddenly was under attack by a supernatural evil being called Lamie. The deceased principal was possessed by Lamie and it terrorized the entire school. Have no fear, Maya is here… Maya whacked, kicked and hacked (with others' help, of course) and finally the evil spirit was vanquished.

Finally after everything was resolved, suddenly there was a strange bright light in the sky and a light beacon descends and...
TADAAAA!….. A naked man appeared! Looked familiar? Well, it is too familiar to be ignored!

Hey, naked man! Takizawa-san wants to have a word with you about stealing his thunder!
(This is just a fan-service... LOL)

My two-cents: This anime is a 2010 must-watch series. And from where I am standing, 2010 is a year for gore and supernatural animes. Occult Academy is funny, fast-paced, and action-packed. This one is sure a keeper.... for now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shiki: My first impression...

After watching 'The First Blood' (episode 1), I have a very strong feeling that SHIKI will be one anime that will rock 2010.

When I watch the 1st ever episode, I swear it got me spooked. If you enjoy supernatural and horror anime, Shiki should be in your list this year. The story stars with news of several mysterious deaths. When discovered, the corpses were almost disintegrated and disembodied. The police concluded that it was caused by natural causes and probably wild dogs attack.

Then, enters Megumi. A whiny brat who thought that she was too good or too stylish to be in a mundane little town of Sotoba. She was last seen walking towards a European-styled mansion nestled on top of a hill. She then lost for a quite some time only to be found dead after a few hours discovered by the villagers. Another unexplained death, even though the local doctor claimed that her anemic condition is the real reason.

Another unexplained situation is the European Mansion that doesn't really fit in the picture. Then again, that's one of the key elements of this anime. It certainly screams mystery...

Characters wise, I believe they are too many to remember. However, I believe they will be well-introduced through out the season. Each of them looks so mysterious. I vouch that each character's personality and characterisation will be revealed gradually as the series progresses.

Anyway, I can't say more as I have never read the manga.... But I trust that this anime will not disappoint me.

- I am trying to watch other than shoujo anime and broaden my horizons and hence this anime.
- Upcoming reviews: Occult Academy & High School of the Dead.


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