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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WARNING: Poltergeist ahead!

OCCULT ACADEMY episode 9 (AKARI of snow) is quite interesting. This epi is about a restless spirit and the Maya and the rest of the gang were trying to help out.

It started after the class was having a lesson on spirit summoning. At first, Kawashima sensei was trying to summon the late principle Kumashiro but somehow something went awry. Instead the principle, a little girl appeared. Her named was Okamoto Akari. What so mysterious about this spirit is, always left a trail of snow whenever she apeared. Hmmm... a glimpse into her previous life, I reckon.

After the class, while Maya, Kozue and Ami were having lunch Smile came with Akari. For some mysterious reason JK couldn't see her but he could sense her presence using his dowsing sticks. It seemed that the girl was looking for her home.

Fast forward to Akari's home. Suddenly, mysteriously, the gentle and docile spirit had turned into a hostile poltergeist. And it almost killed Kozue!

After some investigation -talking to the land-lady, it seemed that Akari-chan had died of freezing because of her dad - it looks like she was waiting for her dad to come home from somewhere. That explains the trail of snow! The story isn't resolved yet as it is going to be continued next week.

BTW, do I sense some jealousy here? It seemed that Maya was not really fancy with Bunmei's adoration towards Mikage....


My two cent, I believe this epi is much more interesting than the previous. Maybe because I always have my eyes on poltergeists and apparitions as compared to UFOs and Chupacabras. Another interesting point about this epi is the 'development' of Maya's feeling towards Bunmei. Somehow, I can sense that she is going to be another tsundere any time sooner.. Will Bunmei realize the feeling she has for him? Or he will be so intoxicated for Mikage that he will be too blind to realize. We'll just have to wait in the next epi.

Quite disappointed, though...this week there was no Smile's oversize wrench... I mean it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ready Go!

After watching OOKAMI-SAN TO SHICHININ NO NAKAMATACHI week after week, I think I have fallen in love with the opening theme. It is sang by the one and only Anime songstress extraordinaire, MAY'N. The song is entitled READY GO! and the music is quite catchy. What I really love about this song is May'n's vocal and her energy. Below is the vid! Check it out and enjoy the song!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The freakiest episode ever!

Shiki episode 8 really freaks me out! Seriously! This is the creepiest and freakiest anime to date!

In the previous epi, Akira and Kaori felt something was amiss with the those who were dead. Natsuno believed them and he suggested to dig out Megumi's grave in order to ensure his assumption. After discovering that Megumi's grave is empty, Natsuno believed that Megumi had become The Risen a.k.a Okiagari. This was agreed by Kaori and Akira. Suddenly, Kaori was dragged into darkness by a pair of cold hand. She was almost bitten but thanks to Natsuno, she was saved just in the nick of time.

This has certainly given me a nightmare!

As cold as ice!

Natsuno managed to whack the 'person' with his shovel and he realized that the 'person' wasn't breathing. At first he thought he had killed him but he ruled that out after he realized that the 'person's' body was so cold as if he had died long time even before he had hit him with the shovel. Hence, Natsuno realized that the 'person' was actually one the Okiagaris.

The creepiest part was towards the end of the epi. It seemed that Natsuno's family was visited by a mysterious creepy little girl who was actually using a traditional Japanese puppet Bunraku. Who was she actually? Why was she so eager to see Natsuno? I really can't wait for next week's epi.


One of the essential keys of survival against The Risen is NEVER to invite them into your home. However, since the Yuukis were harassed by the girl's tantrum, they finally let her in. Something was totally off with this girl. The question is, will Natsuno be able to save his family members in time? And when she mentioned her 'brother' will be coming soon, who was this 'brother' of hers? My sense is telling me that, these okiagaris were out for Natsuno and his whole family because he managed to dig out the truth behind the mysterious deaths in Sotoba... It's payback time!

BTW, even if you refused to let these okiagaris in, they can always hypnotize you in letting them in. Remember what happen to Masao in the previous epi?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

K-ON!! 20 & 21: The end is near...

K-ON!! episodes 20 and 21 have marked the beginning of the end of the series.
In epi 20, HTT did their final performance before the senpais – Yui, Ricchan, Mio and Mugi- parted and left Azunyan. What will become of HTT after the departure of the senpais? I really wish Azunyan could find replacements before the end of the series. In this epi also HTT had performed first time on stage their new song entitled U & I. As we all know, the song was actually dedicated to Ui and it was written by her one-chan Yui. Sawa-chan took care of their t-shirts and unbeknown to the girls, everybody in the hall was wearing the same t-shirt as well. Sawa-chan was definitely a good manager! Omedeto, Sawa-chan sensei!

The groupies!

The best part in this epi is when all the girls were chilling in the clubroom and they all cried realizing that this concert was actually their last. To me, this was actually a very heart-wrenching moment since this is the last concert that they will have together with Azunyan...



In epi 21, Yui was so obsessed of having new hairstyle for the yearbook photo. She kept on complaining to have same hairstyle for all her yearbook since elementary. The only thing that differed is the length of her bangs. Because of that, she accidentally snipped her bangs way too short thus made her look somewhat weird. At the beginning, she was upset with it but since the rest of the gang supported her, she finally owned her new hairstyle!



In this epi also, Yui and Ricchan finally made up their minds on which college they would go. They chose the same college Mugi was planning to enrol. Upon hearing to this, Mio finally decided to follow suit. Her decision was actually approved by Sawa-chan and this means that the four of them would be together in college as well. Yeay!

Itsumo issho!

Monday, August 23, 2010


After the wasteful filler last week,KWMS is back on the track....Yokatta! Hopefully, this week's epi (episode 21) is going to be the point where the Usui-Ayuzawa relationship moves forward....

This week's episode, we are exposed to the fact that Kanou is actually a very intuitive person. He could smell some tension between Ayuzawa and Usui when everybody (even Ayuzawa herself) fail to acknowledge or pretending to - Usui? And he could also sense the feeling that Usui had for Ayuzawa even Usui was being so aloof.

The omniscient Kanou-kun...

Then, enters Shintani Hinata, a VERY mysterious transfer student. However, in this epi we were only exposed the truth about Shintani towards the end. It turned out that Shintani was looking for his long lost hatsukoi and guess what? She is none other than our beloved Kaichou! Surprise, surprise...

The best part of this epi is when, Shintani a.k.a You-kun suddenly hugged Ayuzawa after realising she was actually his long lost hatsukoi. And other than Ayuzawa, it took everybody by surprise...

Major LOL here!

Well, truth also caught Ayuzawa by surprise and this will definitely spark Usui's jealousy. So? What will it be, kaichou? This is definitely a major cliffhanger!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A prince, a maid and a trap...

This week's KWMS (epi 20) is another filler and I wonder how is this important to the plot? This week's main focal is on Yukimura and his sister Ruri. And the rest of the plot revolves around Aoi-chan the trap. Seriously, how is this important to the plot? This is so frustrating....

Usui... doki doki..

Do you know it is illegal to date a minor? It is called pedophile

Kanou & Yukimura.... Since when these wierdos became close friends? And why is Kanou always seen tagging along Yukimura? Hmmm... something is so funny and I don't certainly mean funny 'ha-ha'...

The trap net-idol Aoi-chan.... Why is he even in this epi?

All in all, this week's epi is not worth watching and I wish in the next epi the appearance of a new student can really spice things up! Major finger-crossing!

Friday, August 13, 2010

SEX! Now that I get your attention...

When I downloaded the series: B GATA H KEI, I have no idea what this series is all about. However, after I watched the first epi I was kind of distraught with the whole idea. It's about a girl, Yamada who had a lusty and amorous dream of finding 100 sex partners as soon she became a high schooler. She believed that being a virgin while she is beautiful and sexy is an ultimate disadvantage. She ended up lusting over a cherry, Kosuda who was very average and normal.

As an anti-hentai, believe this anime series is an eye-opener. It reveals the situation that prevalent in Japan nowadays. The issue of pre-marital sex is dealt with rather nonchalant and light.

What makes me even sicker is the portrayal of Kanejou Kyouka who lusted over his own brother Keiichi. She even hoped to be his virginal brother's first sex partner if he ever decided to have sex with. This is rather distasteful and disgusting at the same time. I hope I am not considered prejudice because I believe incest is condoned and rather ubiquitous in Japan [read MORE]. In addition, Kyouka was jealous of Yamada because Keiichi seemed to have his eyes on Yamada and this idea alone had left me perplexed.

I guess, in Japan sibling love connotes a whole different perspective...

However, echi aside, I do admit that the comic is hilarious. In fact this is the only reason why I watched this series. And the portrayal of each character is rather interesting. I really adore the portrayal of Yamada. Despite being lusty and echi 24/7, she is actually an innocent girl with zero knowledge about sex. And what's funnier is when she ended up with another sex n00b, Kosuda... Other than that, the rivalry between Yamada and Kanejou is another aspect that I somewhat enjoy about this series.


All in all, I do adore the comedy and the portrayal of the characters but I have to say no to the main theme of this series...

N00b - Someone who does not know how the world works, what is going on, or anything. They aren't as new as annoying. A newbie is someone new but isn't an idiot. A n00b is the most annoying thing on this earth! (Courtesy of Urban Dictionary)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Killing me softly...

This week's episode of KWMS (epi 19) had left me breathless yet again! I simply adore it. I love the fact that Ayuzawa came to visit Usui and tend to his wound... And I also love the fact that Ayuzawa is gradually opening her heart to Usui... BTW, in this epi we are once again witness the hawtness of Usui in megane. Yet again, this epi is certainly killing me oh so softly...Anyway, I will no do any review on this epi so let us cut to the chase as I would like to bring your attention to these pictures instead..

This is definitely my favorite moment in this epi. Kyaaaa!

All in all, this episode of KWMS had certainly left me kyaa-fied! I really haato Usui Takumi! I wonder how many episodes the series takes? Because this is the 19th epi and I can't wait for the Usui-Ayuzawa relationship to develop further....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vocaloid... Awesome!

I am so not in the mood of posting any reviews.... So, here it is! I present your the one and only VOCALOID divas, Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gaga over GAR? I don't think so!

Being a non-fan of shounen animes, I don't really focus on its archetypal characters. Well, out of sight, out of mind. In actual fact, other than tsundere and moe there are many archetypal anime characters out there and one of the most prominent ones is GAR.

Actually GAR character is the exact opposite of moe character. Nonetheless both of these characters serve same purpose: to evoke the emotion of the target audience. Moe is created in order evoke the feeling of love and protectiveness towards the characters among men and on the other hand GAR is to inspire the feeling of extreme awe and worship towards the characters among adolescent boys.

What on earth is GAR?

The word GAR is actually created by English-speaking audience. A GAR character usually a male character although, there are cases where female character can be GAR as well. In addition, a GAR exhibits intense masculinity and extreme strength. This is to ensure that the audience admire and worship him.

More often than not, GAR character always appears in shounen animes as well as mangas. Series such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, Inuyasha, and etc are chock-full with GAR characters. It is seldom to see a GAR character in a seinen series because, GAR characters only appeal to the adolescents. the A good example of a GAR character is none other than Kurosaki Ichigo from anime / manga BLEACH. I believe he is the GARest character to date!

Another prominent GAR character is Edward Elric from FULL METAL ALCHEMIST. Despite is chibi state, Ed has proven himself that he is worthy of being admired and worshiped by the fans and non-fans alike.

However, there are cases where GAR characters are female. Anime such as CLAYMORE exudes GAR theme even though the protagonist is a female: Claire. She is portrayed as a half-breed who is extremely strong and masculine.

Well, I guess that's it! This all I can say about GAR anime. I am not a GAR anime fan so this is just my two cents.

In my previous post, I have discussed on moe characters. Based on my reading and observation, I realised that moe characters only exist in seinen animes or mangas. As I can see both CLANNAD and SUZUMIYA HARUHI NO YUUTSU are seinen anime and the existence of moe-fied characters are agreeable. So, does it mean that K-ON! is a seinen too? Or maybe it is NOT a moe anime?


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