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Thursday, November 1, 2007

"When a person is cursed, two graves are dug..." Ai Enma

Well, the heading of this entry says it all! Frankly saying I don't really fancy this anime, Jigoku Shoujo, because after I watched several episodes, I find that this anime is repetitive and predictable. The 'client' got harrased and then the 'target' will be sent to hell, instantaneously. Vengence comes so easy! But the drawback is, the 'client' will also go to hell immediately after he or she dies. Talk about easy!

'Your pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness,
you have caused a lot of pains and sufferings,
your soul is drowned in sins,
let me show you what death is...'

Then, there were two...
I was hoping Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (second season) would be a bit different, well too bad. Last night I watched one of the episodes of JS2 and it has disappointed me yet again. It's so predictable. The only think that is good about JS2 is the ending theme, Aizome. I think I kinda like it. I'm using the song in this blog. This song is better than the ending theme of JS1, much better.

IMHO, I think this anime should have a much needed twist in order to stay alive. It's rather predictable.

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1 comment:

silvy said...

i'm also like Hell Girl tis anime lah~~ it's hepi can meet u here loh~ i like the guys served enma...uh...wats the name la? i 4god lo!


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