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Friday, November 9, 2007

Your bitterness, I will dispel...

It was raining that night. The howling wind blew so strong that it shook the trees nearby my house. I was cold. I was shuddering thinking that my beloved Bobo – a fat marmalade tabby- hadn’t returned home yet. I glanced at the clock and it’s 7.00 pm. It’s way past his dinner time. I was on the verge of tears.

He should be home by six… like he always does. Where is Bobo? I spoke quietly to myself while looking at his favourite bowl. It had Bobo’s name written across it. The food was untouched.

Suddenly, hot tears running down my cheeks forming small rivulets. Oh no! what if Bobo was hit by a car, and he died on the street. What if somebody stole him and tortured him, and left him died… what if… what if… what if…. I tried to shove all my negative thoughts.


When I opened my eyes, it was already morning. I quickly checked my alarm clock on the night stand beside my bed. I squinted and realized it was 9.00 p.m. I called out my cat’s name and he was nowhere to be found. I held my breath and tried to listen for his bell. It’s in vain. Bobo did not return last night.

Panicked, I dashed outside calling out his name! Tears streaming down my cheeks and I wiped it with the back of my right hand. My vision was blurred by my tears. Suddenly, I heard a cold hoarse voice behind me.

“It’s useless… Bobo will not be coming back!” It was my neighbour, Mrs. Simon. She stood akimbo. Her gaze was as cold as ice.

“What do you mean?! What do you mean?!” I asked all teary-eyed. My eyes never left hers, hoping for a quick asnwer.

Unfortunately, she didn’t say anything. Not even a word. Nevertheless, her cold smile sent shivers to my bone. I realized Mrs. Simon despised Bobo because Bobo once killed her pet rabbit,Sinchan. It was totally accidental. She left Sinchan alone, unattended, wondering in her backyard. Bobo was merely following his predatory instinct. He should not be blamed! He was just a cat!

She started to smile again. This time it was certain...

“I killed Bobo! Yes, I did! I gave him rat poison and I burned his wretched carcass to ashes!” declared Mrs. Simon smugly without any shred of sympathy.

Her words hit me. They hit me where it hurt the most.

“Noooooo!!....” all teary-eyedI dashed into my house.

I’m gonna kill you… I’ll avenge Bobo’s death. Mark my words. I quietly vowed. Knowing that it was useless. But like the old saying goes, "revenge is dish best served cold".


I’d heard a rumour about HELL CORRESPONDENCE. However, from the rumour I heard that was only available in Japan. I wasn’t sure whether it’s accessible in other countries. But I would certainly try it tonight at the stroke of midnight.


In the sill of the night, I sat quietly staring at the screen of my notebook. I glanced at the watch at the bottom of my screen. It’s 11.50 p.m.

I still have another 10 minutes. I’m gonna do it…. Bobo’s death must be avenged!

It’s 11.58 a.m. and I quickly typed JIGOKU TSUSHIN at the space provided in the search engine and I clicked the 'search' button. Then, less than 15 seconds the list of its URL addresses appeared. I, then, click at one of the links and it automatically redirected me to a strange dark website.

Suddenly, it appeared. The website was rather austere. There was a small flame, flickering in the middle of the black website and there was only one space for you to type in. Above the space there was a sentence written in Japanese but somehow it changed to English. It wrote: Your bitterness, I will dispel.

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Without hesitation I typed ‘Fiona Simon’ in the space provided and, I clicked the 'submit' button underneath the space. Then automatically, the black web page disappeared from my notebook's screen. I held my breath. Hoping for an immediate miracle...

“This is for you…” I heard a soft - almost whispering- voice behind me. When I turn around, there she was... the infamous Hell Girl, AI ENMA. She was so petite however, I could feel the aura of animosity emanated from her dainty frame . She held out her hand and handed me a strange blue straw doll with a red string tied around its neck. I aversely took the doll with my cold shivering hands...

“You may pull the red string if you want to send the person that torments you to hell, but…” her big eyes never left me. Her red irises seemed to penetrate my living soul. Her stare definitely sent chills to my spine.

“…when a person is cursed, two graves are dug. If you pull the red string, you will enter an official contract with me. And..." Her eyes were still fixed on me.

"... when you died, your soul will be sent straight to hell.” She continued. Her voice sounded child-like yet the seriousness was unbearable.

Enveloped by the undue rage I pulled the string. Yes! This is it! Suddenly I heard a faint mysterious whisper : "I will deliver your vengeance...". As the whisper ended, I felt a hot and piercing sensation at my left chest. It’s the symbol… the famous symbol was mysteriously tattooed at my left chest. It's the official symbol of the 'contract'. I then realized, the red string had vanished from my frail trembling fingers...


The next morning, I woke up to a brand new day. I took a deep breath of satisfaction. The air felt so incredibly sweet.

Was it a dream? I thought to myself. But, as I looked into the mirror and I saw the reflection of chest in the mirror on the night stand, I realized it wasn’t. I was rather disturbed by the fact but I smiled anyway, feeling victorious! I touched the 'tattoo' and the piercing pain was still present.

Suddenly, I heard something, which I shouldn’t . “Meowww…

It was soft at the beginning but it's getting louder each time. It’s Bobo! I was so ecstatic but… thus gravely reminded me that Mrs. Simon did not kill him.

I felt hot tears running down my cheeks. What have I done… what have I done! I whispered to myself while looking at the ‘tattoo’ at my chest.

And Bobo entered the house and straight away went to the kitchen to enjoy his meal...


Zaty said...

that's... awesome.

i mean, the narratio and everything. dude, i can actually imagine that happening. seriously man. 0_0

oh, and i read the jigoku shoujo essay from your links. brilliant stuff, i love the analysis. i never would've thought that hell was earth itself, after reincarnation. but it makes perfect sense, in an oriental belief kinda way, i mean. heheh.

it's a powerful plot. and i think the dude with the emo hair (long side fringe), ren(?), is effin hot. haha.

Zaty said...

oh, btw, i know you're a girl, i'm just used to saying dude and man when i'm awed by anything. in case you were wondering. so yeah. :)

Kikuri-hime said...

Hei, thanx again for your comment! I love analysis too. And I enjoyed the essay too. Glad u enjoyed it too.


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