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Monday, November 5, 2007

An Epistle for Dearly Loved Kai-kun…

To my dearest friend Kai Miyagusuku, I hope this letter found you well.

How's life in Koza, Okinawa? I hope everything will be o.k. I heard the news of Saya’s 'death', when I met David and Julia last week at the airport. I cannot offer you anything but my deepest and sincere condolence. I just realized that you have faced so many deaths of your loved-ones in your life. The untimely demise of your beloved father, your much-loved little sister, Saya and the unexpected loss of your darling little brother, Riku must be so hard on you, but hang in there!

Dearest, Kai-kun…
As a son, you have made your father proud. You have taken the responsibility without any hesitation and fear. I believe that he is smiling, looking down on you from heaven. You have done so much to keep the family together, and you did. It’s true when people said that blood doesn’t make a family but it’s the heart. You have done your best to protect and defend Saya and Riku even though they were your foster siblings.

Dearest, Kai-kun…
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t ever blame yourself on what had happened. As human beings we are vulnerable to mishaps. Hence as a human being it’s only forgivable if you feel vulnerable and powerless at times. I trust that you have done your utmost to protect little Riku but his demise was not caused by the lack of responsibility or weakness but Diva’s overwhelming malice. Diva’s unnerving evil and cruelty had affected us all.

Dearest, Kai-kun…
Thanks for inviting me to the party. I was so happy to see you and Saya were finally a family again. While I was standing in one corner of your omoro and I saw both of you were laughing joyfully. Deep inside I was praying for your unending happiness but regrettably, that happiness was short-lived after the death of Saya.

My dearest Kai-kun…
You should be proud of yourself because you brought Saya home, even for a short while. You brought back her normal life, her childhood and most importantly you brought back her smiles and laughter. You are truly a good brother. What’s more, you have helped Saya’s soul from being devoured by sin and hatred when you convinced her to spare the twins. Don’t worry, Kai, your happiness is not transient. You have the twins and I trust they will be your reason to keep on living as they will keep the memories of Saya and Riku alive.

My beloved Kai…
How’s fatherhood treating you? I am sure you’re enjoying it. I hope the twins don’t give you much trouble. I trust you will be just like your father one day, strong, responsible, warm and devoted. Be strong, and I believe your life will be blessed forever. Smile always and I hope to see you real soon. Take care…

With love that echoes in time,

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