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Friday, January 8, 2010

The final piece of the puzzle: Bleach 252

OMG! This is the showdown you don't want to miss! This is the episode that answers my confusion regarding Byakuya's high treason. In one of the arc's episodes he did mention that all his actions were done because of his pride. I was tad baffled with that statement and this episode completes the whole puzzle.

Apparently, Kouga was once a Kuchiki and his past action had tainted the name of the Kuchiki House. And for that reason (among other crimes he had done) he was exiled from the house as well as Sereitei. As the 28th head of the Kuchiki House, Byakuya was entrusted by his grandfather, Ginrei, to annihilate Kouga if he managed to break free from his imprisonment, which he finally did with the help of Muramasa. And as a responsible and loyal member of the family, Byakuya shouldered the responsibility without any qualm or quandary. And that actually what he meant by his pride

Well, this episode we learned about why Byakuya and Senbonzakura were on Muramasa's side. It is because Byakuya needed to know the exact location of Kouga's burial ground. He had to do what he had done (including obliterating Rukia's zanpakutou Sode no Syirayuki) so that Muramasa would be convinced and his cover would not be blown. In this episode we will witness the fight between the two, which I think between a father and a son. In my opinion, this episode is a must-watch. The fighting scene is the best ever (after Ichigo vs. Grimjow). And in this episode we witness the release of Senbonzakura's final scene White Imperial Sword. However, the excitement is curtailed since it will be continued in the next episode... This is killing me!!!!

Check out the screenshot!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The calm before storm...

The title of my post says it all! It’s definitely a calm before a torrential storm. Starting tomorrow, life is back to normal, i.e. hectic schedule, meetings, classes, my own classes and the whole enchilada! Anyway, to usher in the upcoming storm this is my second posting since yesterday…

In this post, I would like to announce my favorite animes of 2009. This is MY own list and it has nothing to do with other reviews out there.

My all time favorite is Eden of the East. The very thing that attracts me to this anime is the plot and eventually the conflict. They are so incredibly intriguing. I really love the OP and the ED themes and how they actually summarize the whole storyline ( If you watch closely, though). I'm also crazy with the portrayal of the characters, however, I am not head over heal with the portrayal of Saki, though. I think she is a little bit meek and pathetic… ngeh! But I love the whole concept of this anime series. It gives the concept of 'superhero' in a brand spanking-new angle. It is so thought provoking and the fact that they introduce terminology like Seleção (The Chosen One) and Noblesse Obliges (Nobility obligates). As for me, this is definitely a must-watch anime series ever!

My second favorite anime of 2009 is K-ON! W00t! I love this anime because of the representation of the characters and most important of all is the music, the ongaku! I really enjoy watching Yui and Mio shredding their guitars. It’s so surreal and it oozes with awesomeness! Other than that, I really enjoy the storyline as well as the animation. Will there be K-ON 2! I’m not so sure. But I bet it will.

The third anime is FMA Brotherhood. I enjoy this anime tremendously because of the action-packed and fighting scene. I also love the way they portray the two main characters Edward and Alphonse Elric. Sometimes this series is slow moving in places however I still fancy the whole plot and conflict.

I hate to admit it, but sadly it’s true. I almost put this anime under my to-drop list, however there is something about this series that gets me hooked. It's probably the characters. The series is none other than Suzumiya Haruhi 2. I care not to explain much, because the more I explain the more I’m confused. So, I’m just gonna leave it that way. Somehow, some things are better left unsaid…

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Il Postino: ala Japanese...

Lag, Niche and Steak... hard at work

LETTER BEE OVA (Jap: Tegami Bachi) is one of those animes that have made me cried violently. Yes, I am a freak and I don't really care.

I dunno, somehow the portrayal of the protagonist, Lag Seeing, has captivated me. I realised now that I have a soft spot for forlorn and pathetic orphan boy. His voice and his eyes are so compelling. Other than that, the storyline is so effective.

Lag Seeing is a Letter Bee or in layman term, a postman (or boy if you will). He is accompanied by a 'dingo' named Niche and Steak (who is actually Niche's pet). So, the story actually revolves around him doing a task of delivering a 'package' named Darwin. And during the delivery, he discovered that Darwin is actually a 'dingo' of a former Letter Bee who had died during a mission. He is to deliver the 'package' to the grave of the former Letter Bee.

The stinkin' pathetic Darwin...

Anyway, during the plots, there are several clips of Lag Seeing's past and how he became a Letter Bee. We will also be introduced to Gauche Suede, the very man who saved Lag he became Lag's source of inspiration.

I have a gun, a girly gun!

Actually, this OVA is the spin off from the original autumn 2009 serialization. After I watched the OVA, it triggers me to watch the series. Apparently, Lag Seeing is one heck of a cry baby, in every nuance of the definition. It seems that he cries in almost all episodes. I know, it is kinda cheesy but that actually attracts me to this series. Like a moth to a flame...


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