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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

'The melting pot' of Ouran School Host Club...

OURAN SCHOOL HOST CLUB (OSHC hereafter) is a relaxed and funny anime. It's different from any other animes that I have watched because this anime doesn't really exude hard-core internal and external conflict. It's a feel-good anime.

The characters are so hillarious and unique. Each character has different personality and they come from different backgrounds. Haruhi Fujioka - the heroine, Tamaki Suoh - the hero a.k.a the comic relief, Kyouya Ohtori - the brain, The Twins, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachin - the mischievious ones, Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka' - the cute one and Takashi Morinozuka- the silent one. At the end of the day Host Club founded by Tamaki and Kyoya unifies them and make them best of friends.

The theme is very simple yet it is dealt with utmost precision throughout the series. It is filled with laughters and bitter-sweet encounters too. There are hits of romance scattered all over the place but there is no exact romantic moment. However, the anime still rocks!

The anime is clean from any profanity, nudity and ecchi elements, hence it comes with high recommendation. It is one size fits all!

Even though OSHC doesn't have outstanding opening and ending themes, this anime is recommended for people who want to break free from mundane day-to-day work. Like I said earlier OSHC is a feel-good and fun anime.

Here's the LINK where you can download the episodes. But I need to remind you that these episodes are in RMVB format. So, please install Real Player first.

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