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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Level E: A keeper!

When I first watched the very first epi of Level E, I was instantaneously hooked! This is definitely important as I am not a big fan of sci-fi anime. This series is funny and somewhat quirky. The best thing about this series is the portrayal of Prince Baka Ki El Dogra a.k.a Baka Ouji, the alien prince. His name absolutely justifies everything about him: STUPID!

Another reason why I think this series is a keeper is because of the portrayal of the roommate, Yukitaka Tsutsui. He is supposed to lead a peaceful life as a student who majors in sports. However, his dream is shattered into smithereens when he meets with the stupid prince. The combi of two equals explosive humour!

Yukitaka: Ok, listen here Blondie... I AM the lead in this series, got it!
Baka : Hell, no!

I am not familiar with the manga, though, since each week we are introduced to a different mini-sode. At the moment, I am at epi 5 and it is the funniest epi ever.

It's a must-watch anime series of this season! Mark my word!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kimi Ni Todoke Season 2: Love triangle alert!

There something mysterious about Kimi Ni Todoke serialization... In my humble and honest opinion, there is nothing great about this series. The plot is way too slow for my taste and the characterization is just mediocre. But I keep coming back for more!

The 2nd season took off where it used to be... No development whatsoever! Sigh.... I was hoping that Kazehaya would own up to his feeling since the last episode of Kimi Ni Todoke season 1 had somehow ignited a so-called spark between the two. But then again, Kuronuma Sawako a.k.a Sadako and Kazehaya Shouta are not moving forward. To my dismay, they are still fumbling in the dark despites the ample hints and giveaways. For goodness sake, Kazehaya! Be a man and confess... You can't lose what you never had!

Kazehaya, meet Kento. I believe, he is going to be your rival...

And then comes Kento Miura and hence the plot thickens! Yeay! Finally, a development! Warning: love triangle ahead! Anyway, I would love to congratulate Kento for his bravado in his effort to get into Sawako's good book. Atta boy!

Whoaaa..... too close!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My dropped list

I know it's been a while since I updated my blog. I have been uber busy these few months. I also felt rather down since the endings of all my favorite anime series. Well, good things always come to an end, finally.

At the moment, I just came back from anime-shopping. Well, I might say most of this season's anime series are not really my cuppa tea.I have been downloading several 1st episodes. And finally I decided to drop some.

1. Infinite Stratos a.k.a IS
This is a seinen anime with a science fiction theme. It's about a boy who is forced to study in all-girls school. Why? Well, it seems that IS technology can only be used by girls and by twist of fate, Orimura, our male protagonists, seems to posses the ability to harness the IS...

The reason why I dropped it is because I don't really fancy harem kind of anime and also, mecha anime has never been in my list.

2. Fractale
This is another science fiction themed anime series that I have to drop. The edge that this series offers is the setting. It resembles the future Ireland. Somehow, this series reminds me of one of the Studio Ghibli's productions.... But I couldn't recall which one.

3. Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!
Now, that's a mouthful! Well, I dropped this just because I found it rather distasteful. Falling in love with your brother is quite revolting. I know, I know... they are not related by blood at all...But then again it doesn't appeal to me. Dropped!

Well, soon I am going to share about my on-going lists...


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