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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tokyo meets Paris

After watching NODAME CANTABILE: Paris for several time. I am really captivated by the ending theme. This is actually Miyamoto Emiri's song which is sang by a French singer, Solita. Miyamoto is a young Japanese violinist and she is truly brilliant. Just listen to this track! This is truly 'east meets west'. The song is entitled TOKYO ET PARIS or Tokyo and Paris.

Check the video and enjoy the song!

Miyamoto's violin is so amazing and it complements Solita's 'delicate' vocal...

Do you like the track? Here's the L.I.N.K of you are interested in downloading the song.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lonely in Gorgeous (Vid & mp3)

Since I love the song so much, here are the opening clip and the mp3. Enjoy!

The singer of this song, Kawase Tomoko, is also known as Tommy February6...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KISS me... I'm in PARADISE

PARADISE KISS or abbreviated as Parakiss by fans, is first produced as a 5 volumes manga series by a popular mangaka Ai Yazawa (the very same mangaka who creates Nana). Then it is produced into 12 episodes anime by Aniplex. The same production that produces Bleach, Blood+, Kamichu and many more.

Personally, I find that this anime is very 'international' as the idea is very fresh and universal. It deals with world of fashion, glamor, dazzle and runways. IMHO, this anime is daring as it portrays idea of bisexuality and cross-dressing blatantly. Even though, I don't really fancy the notion, I applaud this gallantry!

I also adore the portrayal of the characters like the tall and lanky Hayasaka Yukari a.k.a Caroline; the 'ambiguous' Koizumi "George" Jouji; the pink-haired Sakurada Miwako; the rocker Nagase Arashi and not forgetting the cross-dresser Isabella Yamamoto a.k.a Yamamoto Daisuke.

Apart from the colorful characters, I also adore the opening theme: Lonely in Gorgeous by Kawase Tomoko. The ending is also superb as it is sang by Franz Ferdinand entitled Do you want to.

In the final analysis, I believe that this anime is worth watching. The animation is so realistic and the artwork is artistically done. However, this anime is not recommended to be watched for the whole family. Some values shown are a bit too 'contemporary' for some viewers.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Only the strongest will survive...

When I watched the first 2 episodes of JYU OH SEI a.k.a The Planet of the Beast King, I thought that this anime would be kind of intriguing. The twins Thor and Rai seemed to be such interesting characters. And the murder of their parents is really good for the development of the plot.

Personality wise, I really enjoyed the fact that Thor and Rai were different from each other despites that they were twins. And I thought the twins would end up as the main protagonists of this anime. But, my expectation was crumbled into smithereens when I learned that Rai was dead in the earlier episode and his character was totally obliterated from the series!

Then, entered characters like Tiz, Third, Zagi and many more. By this time my interest of this anime has gone down...

The whole plot is kind of 'squeezed in' and the development is somewhat minimal since there are only 11 episodes altogether. And before you even know it, you are at the final episode. However, that's actually intentional. This anime is action-oriented. The plot specializes in events or scenes that are quick and 'painless'. You will highly unlikely encounter any scenes that are dragged and stretched.

Theme-wise, this anime exhibits the survival of the strongest and in doing so, humanity is sacrificed. This anime gravely reminds me of a great classic novel by William Golding -Lord of the Flies, which, sadly enough, I despise so much!

In a nutshell, if you are an action-anime junkie, this anime fits the bill perfectly. As for me (I much prefer a romantic and comedy anime) I think I'll take a rain check... NEXT!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Falling in love, Paris style...

Wow! how long has it been? I guess it's kind of late to wish everybody a happy new year, but what the heck.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

To usher in the new year, the very first entry is gonna be about our beloved stalker and her object of obsession - NODAME CANTABILE : Paris Arc.

What's new? The whole issue is a bit similar but the setting is different. This time around the main setting is in Paris. In this arc you can see the beautiful and renown landmarks and spots like L'Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower and the list goes on... Here, Chiaki's true love for arts and music is heightened.

But then again, to my disappointment, this arc's plot is rather somber and predictable. Noda Megumi a.k.a. Nodame is still fumbling around in finding her own sound and style. Her affection for Chiaki Shinichi is somewhat (it's really complicated...) unrequited. However, gradually, Chiaki-senpai succumbs to Nodame's child-like charm. Oh, yes... they kissed! On the whole I still think the first arc is much better and funnier...

Well, frankly speaking I wouldn't categorize this series as a must-watch. But, if you have watched the first arc, give it a go! Here is the LINK for you to download the whole arc. Have a blast!


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