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Friday, November 2, 2007

And the blue sky cries: Blood+

Before I begin anything, I would like to declare that BLOOD+ is the best anime to date. Therefore, allow me to give a big round applause to the creator of the anime. Why do I like it? Well, IMHO, Blood+ has everything; simple yet exciting plot; well-developed protagonists (I prefer Kai) and intense antagonists (what’s with Diva?); and amazing opening and ending themes, hence the title of this entry: Aozora No Namida (The Tears of the Blue Sky). When I watched it for the first 10 minutes, I instantaneously got hooked. I simply love the fighting scenes!

And the story goes on…
The plot of this anime is simple yet it has the element of a good story: the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and not forgetting the ending or the resolution. The episodes are moderately long (50 episodes) so the characters have enough room to develop.

The story begins when we are first introduced to Saya Otonashi at her school, a regular and candid school girl. When she discovers the truth about herself she is in denial. But as the story develops she finally embraces her true being. Towards the end of this anime, Saya has transformed into a powerful, extraordinary and a ruthless warrior fighting a bunch of revolting creatures called Chiropteran. If you think that they are the only things she has to face, you are dead wrong! She also has to face her evil twin called Diva and her minions. BTW, Saya also has a cello prodigy Chevalier named Haji (or Hagi in some version) who would sacrifice anything and die for her. I believe there is a hint of love between these two characters.

But the only thing that I hate about this anime is (watch out! For those who haven’t watch the end, this might be the spoiler that you should avoid), when she 'died' at the end (actually she is hibernating but her body is placed in a crypt). It’s not fair! It should finish with a happy note. Well, it’s a happy ending despites Saya’s untimely 'death'. The twins (Diva’s progeny produced after she 'raped' Riku) can be considered as Saya’s continuance. At first she wanted to slay the twins for the reason that she doesn’t want them to have the same fate like she and Diva had. Then, she was stopped by Kai when he convinced her that the twins will be brought up normally by him in a normal surrounding.

Another reason why I like this anime is, the ways how each character is portrayed. I prefer the development of Kai Miyagusuku whom also Saya’s foster brother. At the beginning of this story Kai is depicted as an easygoing, frank, rowdy and reckless young school athlete. He tried to keep the family united but just when he was getting used to the fact that some of his relatives aren't human, Riku (his youngest sibling) was raped and eventually killed by Diva, and Saya disappeared for a year. As the story develops he becomes a handsome, responsible, resilient gentleman as he has to fight the same war; to banish the Chiropteran from the earth. The experience has toughen and made him into the person he is. He acts as Saya's anchor. His brotherly love for Saya makes him more mature and protective. I think this anime exudes the important theme of love and sacrifice.

There, I have said it! I am hoping that there would be Blood+ 2 because the twins are kept alive by Saya. I cried my heart out and there is no other anime had ever caused me to cry so hard! To rub it in, the ending theme for the special episodes is Kataritsugu Koto and it complements the whole mood and sentiment for that particular moment! Nankurunaisa… (whatever it means!)

This is the L.I.N.K if you want to download the series. Have fun, peeps!

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