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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Otome Yokai Zakuro ep. 8: A synopsis and review

This week's epi of Otome Yokai Zakuro is really interesting...

Agemaki and Susukihotaru were kidnapped on their way to Orikata's shop. Apparently they were kidnapped by some twins hooded villains. The motive is to make them as bait to lure Zakuro into their traps... Well it worked!

You b#%#%^s! You've pissed me off and now I am pissed!

When they (Riken and Zakuro)managed to track down Agemaki and Susukihotaru, both of them were ambushed by the twins who finally revealed themselves as another half-demons (han-yo). It seemed that they had something unsettled against Zakuro. They fought and Zakuro managed to overwhelmed them... But in the nick of time the twin han-yo were saved Lady Rangui a.k.a the Black widow Demon (remember her?).

Say hello to the twins for me... LOL

After the three of them vanished into thin air Riken and Zakuro went for the rescue and Agemaki and Susukihotaru were saved!

What I want to highlight here is the development of Zakuro and Agemaki relationship. Zakuro is becoming more fragile in each epi. She begins to display her true emotions whenever she's with Agemaki.
A typical Japanese display of affection... pfffffft!

Same thing happens for Agemaki. I bet he started to appreciate Zakuro more than just merely a partner.

But what is with the twin han-yo, Daidai and Byakuroku? What are their issues? And what's with the vengeance they seem to have against Zakuro? Most importantly who is Lady Rangui who claims to know Zakuro's mother?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Face value...

Kuragehime ep. 5 opens my eyes to the reality.... Men are downright DENSE! The thought that Shu had 'overlooked' Tsukimi, simply supports my premise. Men are too shallow to realize that women are 'magical' little beings. Our outward appearances can change with even just a teeny dab of some make-up on our faces... What's important is the inside which Shu fails to acknowledge.

In this episode, we are exposed to the woman who was at the altar marrying Kuranosuke in the OP... Remember? Allow me to refresh your memory.

Remember her in the OP?

In this epi, it is apparent that the main plot of this series is the up-coming destruction of the Amamizu-kan. And with the appearance of Shoko Inari, it is possible that the secondary conflict in this series is her. Shoko Inari is the EXACT opposite of our female protagonist. She is an attractive manipulative career woman who uses her beauty and sex appeal to get what she wants from men. Apparently, she is up to no good when she is marrying Kuranosuke and that's why Shu was opposing it... Other than learning the shallowness of men's brains, I also learned that villain can be pretty as well... I have a strong feeling that this lady is going to be one of the antagonists in this series.

The moral of the story is, beauty is NOT just a skin deep. It helps you to achieve your goal (and what is wrong with that?) and it helps people to hear and see you. I applaud Kuranosuke as he accepts that the normal Tsukimi, but he believes if she wants to improve herself, or fight for a cause, as was shown in this episode.

Mayaya before...

And this is Mayaya after!

Can you believe this is MAYAYA???LOL Good job Kura!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shiki ep. 15: The BLOOD thickens! (geddit?)


After watching Shiki ep. 15, it made me wonder.... what will be the end of the people of Sotoba? And what's more important, what will happen to Sotoba itself, if ALL the citizen become the Okiagaris?

All of them are vampires!!! Gasp!

Can you see Natsuno in this pic?

What really happened to Natsuno (the supposed protagonist)? Is he cremated? However, in this episode he had made a comeback twice. I reckon he had become one of the vampires but something is amiss here... So, he is a vampire with a mind of his own, meaning, he is not affected by Tatsumi and the Shikis...

Blood everywhere! But I thought vampires don't bleed....

The plot is interesting but it's way too slow....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Of a bishie and a yokai

If you are into bishies, ears and moe.... guess what? OTOME YOKAI ZAKURO (Demon Girl Zakuro) fits the bills perfectly.

I am hooked to this anime series simply because I love the artistic elements that this series exhibits. The portrayal of each character (especially the female lead, Zakuro) is really intriguing. Each character is given special traits and these traits are highlighting the importance of each character in this series.

Doesn't she remind you of Inuyasha???

I really adore the portrayal of the male lead Agemaki who is portrayed as an anti-thesis of a typical male lead. He is a weakling who is afraid of any types of yokai. He is time and again saved by Zakuro in numerous occasions. Nevertheless, since I never read the manga I believe his character will soon develop and improved.

At the moment I am at the 4th episode and so far I couldn't find any flaw of this series.... Simply adore it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

TADAIMAA....Back from shopping!

Tadaimaa minna-san.. I am home.

Well, it has been ages I haven't updated anything. Well, actually I have my own reason for it. I went shopping! Yup... I was shopping for new animes series...

For this season, I have decided to stick to 3 + 1 animes. They are, KURAGEHIME, PSYCHIC DETECTIVE YAKUMO, OTOME YOKAI ZAKURO and SHIKI (the only anime from previous season)

For this post, I am going to talk about KURAGEHIME a.k.a Princess Jellyfish. I think I am going to stick to this anime like a glue! Simply love the theme and the plot. Ang most important of all I love the the characters design in this series as well. This is absolutely my kind of anime!

The series is about a spinster jellyfish otaku (and hence the title). She is called Tsukimi (Moonsea - tsuki means moon and umi means the sea). She is not exactly your kawaii type female protagonist. She is short, unkempt, unpolished and a nerd. She lives with other 4 spinsters as well in a complex apartment called Amamizu-kan. They are known as the amars a.k.a Buddhist nuns and that means all of them are still virgins. Each of the amars has her own freak-point. For example, Mayaya is a freak who has an excessive obsession on The Three Kingdoms. Banba has a insane obsession of toy trains...

Introducing Tsukimi, your sub-par jellyfish otaku protagonist....

From right to left: Banba, Chieko, Jiji and Mayaya

Then enters a cross-dressing male protagonist: Kuranosuke.... Heck, at the beginning I thought he was actually a 'she'. Ironically, Kuranosuke is much prettier and sexier than any of the girls. With his long legs and slender figure none of the amars suspected anything funny...

By some freaky circumstances, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke have become fast friends... and right now I am on episode 3. From where I am standing, I have a strong feeling that their friendship will develop to another level... If you get my drift!


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