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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Namae wa Kurea (Clare)...

Yare, yare... at the beginning of the anime CLAYMORE, I was rather excited. Girls fighting monsters, girls fighting evil and stuff (sounds like Blood+). The portrayal of the character is rather mediocre but the earlier plot drove me to the anime.

At the beginning of the plot we are introduced to the protagonist of the story, Clare (Kurea). Then she met a boy named Raki. The relationship is rather ambiguous. Sometimes Clare treated him like a little brother and once she kissed him like a lover would do.

The fighting scene is quite remarkable and the portrayal of the antagonists, a group of monsters called Youma, is very gruesome. However, in my humble opinion, the characters are way too many considering there are only 26 episodes. So, the development of the main character is not well-presented .

To my surprise, the episode ends rather abruptly. After fought with Priscilla, I was hoping Clare would kill her and then Isley would avenge Pricilla's death but, NO. It ends just like that. I was rather dissapointed.... Good plot but ugly ending. I hope there will be season 2... soon.

Here's the LINK if you want to download the episodes. They are in RMVB format.

HONEY for you and CLOVER for me...

Well, I'm no fan of Honey and Clover : Hachimitsu to Kurouba, but when I accidentally watched it I instantaneously fell head over heel for the anime. What do you know, this anime is in the class of its own! It's a breath of fresh air. The plot is simple and 'real'. The charaterisation for each character is really realistic and 3-dimensional. I really like the portrayal of each character especially when everybody has their own monologues and these monologues represent the characters' innermost thought. It's really 'human-like'.

Each character has his/her own internal and external conflicts which make each character unique! Love triangle between Hagu, Morita and Takemoto contributes to the love theme of the anime. Takemoto's quest of life displays the 'coming of age' theme of the anime. The friendship potrayed by each character exudes the theme of freindship and camaraderie in this anime.

Besides the plot and the characters, the theme and the insert songs for this anime are awesome! Very soothing and they complement the moods for each episode! It seems that the creator really love songs by Spitz, Suneohair and Yuki. Sorosoro Ikanakucha and Tsuki to Knife would be my favourite! It's a must watch! Download the series H.E.R.E!

This is one HELL of an anime! KUDOS to the creator!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Love At First Sight : INUYASHA

When I saw my younger brother watching INUYASHA (Inu = dog, Yasha = spirit, Dog Spirit) ever so intently on one Sunday afternoon, I asked him what so special about this anime. He just smiled and ignored me. Well, IMHO it didn’t really strike me as an outstanding anime. It was maybe because the drawing and the 'mannerism' of the characters didn’t really catch my attention. I dunno… For me it didn’t have the effect like other animes that I have watched so far. It didn’t have that ‘human-like’ element. In fact the fighting scenes were not that amazing, at least to my standard. I mean, what kind of hero that has dog ears? Come on!

But, one fateful afternoon has changed it all. I was so bored waiting for the latest episode of my favourite anime to be downloaded only to discover that it would only be released two weeks from that day. So, out of boredom, I browsed around on what anime I could watch to fill in the two weeks of waiting. Then, I decided to download INUYASHA’s first episode. And, guess what, I did!

To my surprise, the first episode was rather enticing! It literally begged me to download the next episode, and the next, and the next, and the next and suddenly I realised I WAS HOOKED!!!! It's certainly love at first sight...

OMG! I simply love the plot, the conflict and most importantly the characters! When Kagome Higurashi accidentally falls down a well located on the grounds of her family's shrine, she discovers feudal Japan, a world filled with magic, sorcerers and dangerous demons. There Kagome encounters Inuyasha, an ill-mannered but kind-hearted half-demon (han-yo), and begins searching for the shards of the sacred jewel (Shikon No Tama) with which her fate has become inextricably entwined.

I mostly enjoy the love-hate relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome. It always makes me smile and my heart skips a beat. It’s so intriguing and yet sweet!! I love the squabbles that they always have and I also love the fact that Inuyasha loves Kagome and never admits it.

I really dunno whether to root for Kikyo (who was resurrected with part of Kagome's soul) or not. I know the fact that she was tricked into ‘killing’ Inuyasha but, she she’s not the real victim here. I think she is only a nuisance in this story. She only initiates Inuyasha’s confusion and she’s the third wheel in Inuyasha-Kagome’s love plot. But, then again she plays a key role in bringing Kagome into Inuyasha’s world.

Shippo (the fox demon) is the cutest anime character ever! I even named my kitten after him. He is witty and got the spunk! He’s Inuyasha’s punchbag (literally) but he never gives a damn about that. He just minds he’s own business. I also like the fact that Rumiko Takhashi uses a cat as the sidekick (of Sango). Well, Kirara or Kee LaLa is not really a normal cat she is a nekomata (cat monster) that can transfrom into a gigantic phantom-tigeress that simply loyal to her mistress.

Sango (a demon-slayer) and Miroku (a cursed monk) are both important in this story. Both of them have their own missions in killing Naraku (the one who tricks Kikyo and Inuyasha). Both of them have different history and their vengence brought them together as a team.

Anyway, enough said! I think this anime is in the class of its own. Although there are some episodes that rather repetitive and dragging, all in all it's a must watch. The only thing that I regret most is, I haven't got the oppotunity to watch the movies . I'm still looking for the link so that I can download it!

If you are interested to download the anime (it's in RMVB format, so please make sure you have a Real Player installed first), try this link

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To know ANIME, is to love ANIME...

This entry is dedicated to virgins of ANIME...

What on earth is ANIME (アニメ) /ˈænɪmei/ ? Well, for your information, ANIME is not a normal cartoon that we watch on t.v. The first thing you need to acknowledge is, ANIMEs are produced only in Japan. If they are produced somewhere else, therefore they are not called ANIMEs, even though they look, sound and feel like ANIMEs. In Japan, ANIME and MANGA share similar description.

ANIMEs are different from any form of cartoons because they use a special facial expressions and mannerisms. Another difference that ANIMEs have is the 'camera' angle, 'camera' movement as well as the lighting. These elements can best be seen in Hayao Miyazaki's work.

In addidtion, the drawing styles are also varied according to the artistes as well as eras. Sometimes, the drawings can be very cartoon-like (oversized multi-colored eyes) and sometimes they can be very human-like. Most new-era ANIMEs appeared to be more human-like compared to ANIMEs aired before year 2000.

[Click to enlarge]

To add, the hair colors of the character might be somewhat ridiculous and extreme but that's the magic of anime. It is to display the characteristics of the characters. Same goes with the size of the eyes. In fact, the character's eye size is generally a reflection that character's innocence or youth. These large eyes are used to convey a wide variety of emotions that are often more successfully portrayed through non-verbal rather than oral communication. More often than not, the characters can be somewhat androgynous. This situation seems to be more appealing to both female and male audience.

Moreover, ANIMEs are categorised under many types. Such as, historical, mecha, samurai, romance and so on. Sometimes, ANIMEs can be rated as PG as they display extreme subject matter.

To know more about ANIME, click this LINK.


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