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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The power of knowledge

If you are into fantasy, moe and bishies, BIBLIOTHECA MYSTICA DE DANTALIAN (The Mystic Archives of Dantalian) a.k.a Shoka No Dantalian, is absolutely for you. So far, there are only 2 epis and I love the series. It is packed with action and superb voice-acting and the graphics is so incredible.

The series opens with the introduction of the protagonist Hugh Anthony Disward or Huey when he was young. He seemed to be obsessed with books and library. A partially a bibliomaniac, I guess... When he grew up, he inherited a mansion and a library from his deceased grandfather Lord Wesley Anthony Disward. Unbeknown to him he also inherited a Yomihime (trans: Reading Princess) named Dalian.

Huey and Dalian

The 1st episode: Turn-up Book, is about the first meeting between Huey and Dalian. Then one thing led to another, both of them were struggling to banish the creatures that emerged from a cursed turn-up book. In this epi, Dalian finally acknowledged Huey as her Kagimori (trans: The Key Keeper) and granted him the passageway to the Bibliotheca Mystica De Dantalian. At that moment, Huey realised that Dalian was not really a human as she is the guardian of the mystic archives.

Other than the storyline, I also love the graphics and the music as well. A must-watch summer anime series.

Below is the ED entitled Yes, Prisoner by, Marionette... Enjoy! It's creepy and beautiful!

Friday, July 22, 2011

No. 6: A firsty...

Tadaimaa minna-san... It's been a while!

I told you I'll be back. Apparently I haven't forsaken anime and all its glory nevertheless my leisure time needs to be cut into half. Lately, I was and am still preoccupied with my day-to-day commitment. Well, an otaku still has to make a living...

Now let's get back to my entry. I am still watching following Hanasaku Iroha and Ao No Exorcist. Love the series to the core! Other than that, I have bought some anime DVDs but still haven't gotten the much-awaited opportunity to watch them... sigh.. But I have discovered two interesting new series: NO. 6 and THE MYSTIC ARCHIVES OF DANTALIAN. However for this entry I am going to focus on No. 6 first...

No. 6 is an anime series produced by Bones (the same production company that produces Jyu Oh Sei, FMA, Darker Than Black, Ouran Hi Host Club...). The series takes place in an alternate universe and it revolves around two protagonists, Schion and Nezumi. FYI, No. 6 is actually referring to an sectors of regions. In this universe, the regions of the earth are divided into sectors and No. 6 happens to be an ideal city created for the elite.

On Schion's 12th birthday, he met a mysterious wounded boy named Nezumi (trans: Rat) as he broke his bedroom's window. And since it was raining Schion sheltered him. Nezumi told him that the so-called ideal city was made as a brainwashing tool. The next morning Nezumi was gone and Schion was arrested for harbouring, according to the police, a criminal. And because of that he and his mother were banished from their luxurious home, Chronos, and moved into a shabby appartment in Lost Town...

4 years after later, Schion worked as a park operator. While doing his job he inadvertently stumbled upon a dead old man. However, after much investigation, he realized that the body did not belong to and old man. It belonged to a young man who apparently had aged rapidly. He saw a beetle under the skin of the dead body...

One thing led to another, Schion and Nezumi were reunited under a peculiar circumstances and before Schion even realized they reached a place named Western District. A place which is the exact opposite of No. 6...

Well, I hate spoilers and I believe you do too. What I adore of this series is the graphics and the portrayal of the two main characters... Initially I was rather worried of following this series because I am no fan of yaoi anime. However as the series progresses I believe that the relationship between Schion and Nezumi is more like a brother/friend relationship. Nezumi is more like an older brother and vice-versa.

Nezumi: I have ponytail...And I am not a sissy!

A bad dye job!

There have been only 2 epis so far and I am so looking forward for the 3rd.


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