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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puhleese... Not For Me : Onegai! Teacher

What can I say about this anime, PLEASE TEACHER. I feel a bit uncomfortable with the whole theme. Yes... it can be romantic but, come to think of it, it's rather ... ludicrous! Come on!... A teacher must remain professional no matter what. Having romantic relationship with a student is a definite NO NO! I doesn't matter even the student him/herself consents the relationship.

And to top it of, this anime is laced with an ecchi theme. To illustrate, Mizuho sensei is portrayed as a ditsy, sexy and seductive (ridiculously seductive, I might say) teacher who has silly addict to Pochy or Pocky (does it matter?). She seems to enjoy prancing around in bikinis, wearing short and tight skirts in front of her under-age students. If you ask me, her character doesn't justify the reality.

The issue of sexuality is not dealt wisely. It is some-what vulgar to my taste. The protrayal of semi-nudity and sex toys are a bit blatant, thus dubs this anime as ecchi and not for the minors. Sorry kids!

To add, I strongly believe the reason for Kusanagi Kei and the sensei to be married is rather far-fetched and nonsense. I mean, do they really have to get married so that Mizuho's secret (the fact that she's an alien) will not be revealed? There are millions, no, gazillions other ways to conceal the secret. In fact, what troubles me most is how on earth could the principle condone to this!

All in all, I don't really fancy this anime and frankly I wouldn't recommend it to be watched or downloaded. Anyway, here's the link if you really want to download the anime

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Preciousssss.....

These are my collections od Anime as well as Jdorama DVDs. I bought them at the local DVDs store nearby my home. Whenever I bought one, I would watch it at one go. For example, when I bought Death Note DVD I watched it continuously until I finished all the episodes. Yes, I know... I am a freak! Well, you can say that again...

Anyway, other that buying DVDs I also downloaded most of the animes that I have watched, so far. Right now, I am downloading Inuyasha as well as La Corda D'oro ~Prima Passo~. And as we speak I am downloading Bleach latest episode 170 from my favourite site, www.realitylapse.com. Sometimes, I download my animes from www.animea.net, but since I don't really fancy downloading animes in AVI format as the size are too big.  

I've Got To Get Going Soon..

Sorosoro Ikanakucha
by, Suga Shikau

Nandaka dou demo yoku natte gozenchuu sabotte shimatta
Miesuita iiwake wo shitara yokei meitte kita
Kinou no yoru kanojo ga tabeteta poteto chippusu no fukuro
Terebi wo minagara nondeta biiru mo sono mama teeburu ni...

...Saenai hibi da to ha omou
ironna koto kangachairu kedo

"Denwa kurai yokose" to kazoku ha iu
Hanaseru koto ha betsu ni nanimo nai kedo
"Tsumaranai" to yoku kanojo ha iu
Mou sugu shougo sorosoro ikanakucha

Doa wo akeru to tsumetai kuuki ga gyutto mimi wo tsukanda
Nobu ni te wo kaketa mama boku ha iki wo suikonde miru
Surechigatta yasekoketa inu ga boku no hou wo mite niyatto waratta
Shiroi iki ga waza to rashii kurai ichiichi karamitsuku

Shuumatsu ni nareba mou sukoshi
ironna koto mashi ni naru ka na

"Ai-shite iru no?" to kanojo ha iuItsumo umaku henji ha dekinai
"Shiketa kao suru na" to tomodachi ha iu
Tameiki ha mou ii sorosoro ikanakucha

"Otona ni nare yo" to daremo ga iu
Boku ni shika mienai yume ha mou ii"
Gomen" to kuchiguse no you ni boku ha iuIiwake ha ii
sorosoro ikanakucha

English Translation :

Somehow, I've stopped caring, and I ended up skiving off all morning
When I make transparent excuses, I get way too depressed
There's the bag of potato chips that my girlfriend ate last night
And the beer I drank while watching TV just lying there on the table

I think it's these cloudy days,
although I'm mulling over all kinds of stuff

My family tells me, "At least give us a call"
Even though I don't really have anything I can talk about
My girlfriend often tells me, "This is boring"
It'll be noon in a few; I've got to get going soon

When I open the door, the cold air grabs tight hold of my ears
With my hand still on the doorknob, I try sucking in a breath
That starving dog I passed by looks over at me and barks out a laugh
To the point that it looks intentional, my white breaths coil around me one by one

When the weekend comes,
will some stuff get a little better?

My girlfriend asks me, "Do you love me?"
And I can never give her a good answer
My friends tell me, "Don't look so surly"
I've had enough of sighs; I've got to get going soon

Everyone tells me, "Be a man"
I've had enough of dreams that no one but me can see
Like it's my catchphrase, I tell them,
"Sorry"Enough excuses; I've got to get going soon


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