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Monday, April 6, 2009

The man I love to hate...

Name : Aizen Sousuke
Species : Shinigami
Occupation : Former Shinigami Taichou. Currently the leader of the Arrancar
Location : Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Zanpaku-tou : Kyoka Suigetsu (Mirror Water, Flower Moon)
Power : Kanzen Saimin a.k.a Perfect Hypnotism

Aizen-sama is the most devious antagonist in BLEACH. In fact, he is the most mysterious character in this anime. He is not like any other archetypical villain. He is portrayed as a soft spoken gentle bespectacled cultured man. But, truth be told, he is the most manipulative and deceitful antagonist. However, the only person who realizes this is Hirako Shinji taichou. Then again, he was also deceived by Aizen's Kanzen Saimin just like anybody else. Talk about irony!

Every conflict, conspiracy and atrocity is revealed in the Pendulum Arc and thus making Aizen-sama, imho, the most intelligent and conniving villain ever. He had painstakingly plotted the whole commotion 100 years earlier from the original plot. We are finally revealed that he was the real perpetrator behind Urahara Kisuke and Tsukabishi Tessai's banishment from the Soul Society. He was the one who brought the Visoreds a.k.a the Vizards into existence and who ever thought Kaname Tosen and Ichimaru Gin were with him all along...

Aizen strength is so incredible. Because of his immense power, he is able to govern the Las Noches, an alternate world crammed with Hollows . Even the 4th Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer obeys to his order without any qualm and quandary. His powerful reiatsu alone can effortlessly overpower one of the strongest Espadas, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, to his knees! When he was a shinigami, he defeated Kurosaki's bankai - Tensa Zangetsu with just one finger.

Through his glorious power and sheer strength, Aizen Sousuke attains everything he wishes for. He is a perfect villain to date!

From left: Ichimaru Gin, AIZEN SOUSUKE and Kaname Tosen in Arrancar uniform.

The color of the Arrancar uniform defies the norm of symbolism. It doesn't use black -which symbolizes evil and darkness. Instead, it is in white with black trimmings. Compare this to the uniform of the Shinigami which is black with white trimmings...


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