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Saturday, November 29, 2008

'O the pain...

When I bought dvd VIOLINIST OF HAMELIN, I was hoping this anime is going to a great anime since it is dubbed as 'classic'. FYI, I don't really read reviews of any animes prior to watching them, so I was unprepared for the ultimate surprise! Oh, it's a SURPRISE, all right!

Oh, my GAWD! This is the lousiest and the lamest anime ever. I never expected that it's gonna be as suck as this. Fine, maybe the plot is just o.k but we DO need to consider other more important elements like the ANIMATION and the SEIYUU... which apparently the creator failed to take into consideration!

This anime is filled with endless panning stills, and stills. Even for some of the supposed action-packed scenes. They are way too frequent as to hamper the animation altogether. The action scenes are mellowed and 'mangled' beyond repair. It's more like reading a manga on dvd than watcing an anime. To make things even worse, the seiyuus are not up to par. IMHO, they are so lifeless hence they fail to enliven the characters...

To rub it in, the portrayal of the characters are so lame (with big capitol L) and somewhat 'ludicrous' too. The main protagonist Harmel uses a gigantic violin to fight the enemy (seriously, I thought it was a cello!) and Raiel uses a piano as his weapon (what is up with that?). He carries the humongous piano along the journey... Now, is that ridiculous? or is that RIDICULOUS?! In addition, the names of other characters are kind of let down too... -Flute, Oboe, Drum, Demon King Chestra (In Japanese king is pronounced 'Ou' so, Ou CHESTRA), Sizer...(maybe it's taken from synthesizer?) YUCK!

The only plus point of this anime that I can think of is the use of classical numbers like Tchaikovsky' Nutcracker Suite and Mozart's Requiem.

All in all, this anime is totally a let down... sigh... Anyway, if you want a solid proof, try downloading the series HERE and mark my word!

The anime was suffering from the lack of fund hence the extensive use of stills and lengthy loops.

Friday, November 21, 2008

World of wind...

When NAUSICAA OF THE VALEY OF THE WIND was first aired, it was 1984. And I was around or 8 at that time. However, this anime movie is dubbed by IMDb as one of the 50 most excellent sci-fi movies. Miyazaki, once again, has succeeded bringing his fan to a world that is so complex and believable at the same time. Lucas, eat your heart out! What's more he succeeds in creating characters that are so strong and memorable at the same time.

The Setting
This movie takes place in a future 1000 years after a so-called apocalypse. The upheaval, obviously, has forced humans to live around the borders of a great woodland of huge poison fungi known as the Sea of Decay. However, the main setting was in The Valley Of The Wind (see picture). This is place is safe from the forest's potent spores by an unceasing sea breeze that is channelled and amplified by the valley's high walls. Initially, the beautiful place was very serene and peaceful until a war errupted...

The Characters
Obviously, as suggested by the title, the main character is a princess named Princess Nausicaa. She is the nucleus of the whole plot as expected by Miyazaki. She is very strong and gifted. In fact she has a strong and almost magical empathy with the environment around her. She believes that co-existing is the only means to survive in this world. Her persistence that mankind must try to co-exist with nature rather than try to defeat it is the predominant aspect of her personality. To illustrate, instead of killing, she single-handedly tames and calms an ohmu (see picture) that was trying to attack a wondering traveler.

The Theme
The central theme of this movie is the importance of co-existing in preserving the environment. Environmentalists all over the world will proudly give a standing ovation for this movie sentiment and intention.

The Verdict
I have nothing to say except these 3 words : IT'S A MUST-WATCH!

The way Nausicaa tries to calm the ohmu reminds me the way Ashitaka tries to calm the boar god in the earlier plot of Miyazaki's Mononoke Hime...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The best ever!

I really adore the 9th opening theme of BLEACH! Sugoi, neThe title is VELONICA. What I love most about this opening is, yes, the artiste - AQUA TIMEZ. FYI, Aqua Timez has contributed 2 songs for the series ALONE and SEN 'O YORU 'O KOETE. I believe they have the best sound ever! Alone is also their masterpeice and it was used as one of the openings. The latter is used for the ending theme of Memory of Nobody. I don't know if there are any other songs. Sorry, I couldn't remember all...

Another reason why I enjoyed this opening is because, in the video we can see all characters: Kurosaki and his mortal friends, the Shinigamis, the Visoreds and not forgetting Aizen and the rebels. I really can't wait for the upcoming episodes!

BTW, after the opening song ends, the song afterwards is the 17th ending by STEREOPONY entitled HITOHIRA NO HANABIRA... It's a cool song, indeed! The vid is so amazing. In fact in this one you can see almost all characters. My favorite would be Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. But, song-wise, I prefer the opening better...
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I can't wait for Bleach 195th episode. I believe, in this episode Neliel will transform into her resurrección form, Gamuza!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And so the story goes...

Goddess if The Dark Tower or Tenshu Monogatari is the third arc of AYAKASHI. Well, I found that this arc is a bit melodramatic and somewhat predictable. It's been done! Another forbidden love tale. Anyway, the graphic and the realism are still quite remarkable. But the plot is very prosaic and average.

The Plot
On the top of the Shirasagi Castle srounded by deep mist, there was an enchantress known as The Forgotten Goddess. The name of the goddess is Tomihime. She is also the owner of the castle. One fateful day, while bathing in a lake nearby, she met Zushonosuke, the falcon tamer. Apparently, he was looking for his lost falcon, and, like I expected, Zusonosuke was captivated by Tomihime's beauty. And then, they fell in love. To make long story short, Zushonosuke tried to quit being a human to love Tomihime. As expected, again, the feeling was mutual. Consequently , Tomihime was losing her supernatural power as a goddess because she loved a human.

Since Tomihime and her minions devoured humans as the means to survive, their heads were hunted by a shogun clan who happened to reside near the dark castle. Apparently, many of their people had become the goddess' breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since Zushonosuke had declared his undying love for Tomihime, he fought along her side, abandoning his humanity and hence humanity in return abandoned him too. Finally, he transformed into a grotesque demon and his mortal form was totally vanished.

The Verdict
I think I much prefer BAKENEKO arc... Maybe, the mediocre theme and the predictable plot don't really appeal to me otherwise it's a decent enough anime... I know it's a classic piece but, gomenasai... Apparently, mediocrity doesn’t have a place in my heart...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ever after? Well...

Last night, finally, I finished watching Emma ~ Victorian Romance 2. I am so ecstatic! I have been looking for the DVD for ages (a bit melodramatic there....). I simply adore the series and it's a definitely a MUST-WATCH. Check these screen shots and I will not utter a single word...

What do you think? Those who haven't watched the second season of Emma, I will not say anything. Let pictures say it all... This might or might not be the resolution. Who knows?

The Verdict:
This anime is a keeper! Love it and I'm so gonna watch it again soon... I simply love the development of the characters and how they handle the conflicts. In this season, we will be exposed to Williams' romantic relationship with Miss Eleanor Campbell (see picture). To refresh your memory, Eleanor Campbell is the blond that has her eyes on Williams in season 1. Apparently, Eleanor is trying her best to vie Williams' attention and gradually win his heart. Will she succeed? My lips are sealed!

For your information, there are also some new characters introduced here. And most important is, apparently there is a new beau, Mr. Hans. And he has his eyes on our dear Miss Emma. Will there be another unrequited love for Miss Emma? Which one will be chosen by her, The Footman or The Gentleman? Well, only time will tell...

Warning! There's
nudity in it so viewers' discretion is advised.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Of fruits and rice ball...

Well, I have to admit it.... when a friend recommended me to watch FRUITS BASKET, I was rather sceptical. By the sound of the title alone tells me this is another bishies comedy anime and nothing more. Well, I was right about the bishies and comedy part, but I was dead wrong when I assumed that this anime offers nothing. Furuba has more than meets the eye! The plot is well-developed, the characterisation is outstanding and the themes are well-discussed throughout the series.

Fruits Basket integrates the famous legend - the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, plus the cat. And to my surprised, it is dealt with utmost precision with the original legend. The main characters take after their respective zodiac animals characters according to the legend: Sohma Yuki, the mouse, is quiet and devious - at times. Sohma Kyo, the cat, is naturally at war with Yuki, while Sohma Shigure, the dog, is fun and rather light-hearted.

The most outstanding element of this anime is the way the characters are portrayed. Honda Tohru is a little like the typical anime schoolgirl - sweet, not so brainy, but always bright and breezy. In fact, she is a big help around the house. In this anime, we can see how she gradually changes the lives of those around her, especially the Sohma family. Obviously, the Sohmas are unable to have proper relationships with "outsiders" because of their "dark secret" and as a result become reserved and introvert. Yet, each of them finds solace in Tohru, who is ready to accept them and helps them to change themselves for the better.

One plus point of this anime is the character interactions and personality mixes. Yuki and Kyo are always fighting, however that actually provides 'colour' to this anime and you'd probably end up enjoying it instead. Shigure is like a frivolous kid stuck in a submissive adult body. He is a novelist and also a pervert writer of a 'smut' manga, Summer-Colored Sky. And the other Sohmas - Hatori, Hatsuharu, Momiji, Ayame, Kisa, Kagura - introduced later are far from stereotypical and are equally fun to watch. There are even strong bonds, sometime conflicts, between certain characters and it gets chaotic when they are together.

So, if you are looking for animes with lots of bishies, well, this anime is definitely for you! From the beginning until the end of this anime, there will be so many bishies that you thought you died and gone to heaven! Bishies heaven, that is... It's an explosion of bishies!

Anyway, this anime is one good clean fun. No profanity and definitely no nudity. Hence, making it suitable for all ages. It is highly recommended by me...

To those who are probably new to animes, bishies is a short form of bishounen. It means beautiful men or boys.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Real Love...

What is love? Love is truth. Love is reality and love is ability to let go.... That is what this series is trying to convey. If you love somebody, you must be able to swallow the truth, face reality and be able to let go. If you let your loved one go, if he /she comes back, that means you are meant to be together. He/she is definately your soulmate...

I watched EMMA ~ VICTORIAN ROMANCE 1 last year on Animax. This anime is about a forbidden love between a maid and a rich gentlemen. The plot is very simple yet it is very profound. The the theme is well-dealt throughout the series. The relationship between two protagonists is very well-developed. On top of that, I also adore the opening theme Silhouette Of A Breeze and the ending theme Minuette for Emma since they complement the Victorian setting very well.

Even though the final episode ends with a pretty sad note (which cause me to cry my heart out), I felt rather 'relieved' with the thought that Emma finally left William Jones and London. It's because, during that era (Victorian) and within that society, I don't think that their love would flourish and thrive. In fact, I strongly believe, Emma will suffer even more. She will be mercilessly crucified by the prejudiced and ruthless society that, apparently, obsessed with social status and hierarchy. Therefore, I rejoice the idea she left him.... She could find another shoulder for solace.
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Soon, I'll be reviewing Emma: Victorian Romance 2nd Act. Do stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Awakening of Oderschvank...

Bleach 192 is the episode I've been waiting for so long! This is the episode where NELIEL TU ODERSCHVANK 'comes' and rescues Kurosaki Ichigo! YEAYY!!! For your information, she is the former 3rd Espada of the Arrrancar.

Who is Neliel Tu Odersvhank? Well, she is also known as Nel Tu, the girl that tags along Kurosaki during the Hueco Mundo Arc in Bleach Series. She is also accompanied by three hollows, named Dondochakka Bilstin, Pesche Guatische and the pet named Bawabawa. Check this LINK to know more about her.

Nel Tu in in child form...

The real Neliel Tu Oderschvank, the former 3rd Espada

Oderschvank's power, VIOLET CERO DOBLE...

The Resurrección form - Gamuza and her lance Lanzador Verde

Behold and fear the wrath of Oderschvank!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Souten Ni Saze!...

Name : Hitsugaya Toushirou (Eng. Toushirou Hitsugaya)

Nickname : Tensai (Boy Genius), Shiro-chan, Toushiro-kun

Gender : Male

Birthdate : 20th December ????

Place of birth : Jurinan, Distric 1 Rukongai

Type : Shinigami (Soul Reaper)

Rank : Taicho (Captain)- The youngest captain in Gotei 13.

Squad : 10th Division of Gotei 13

Zanpakutou Type: Water and ice
-Shikai - Hyorinmaru
-Bankai - Daiguren Hyorinmaru
* Release 1 - Ryusenka
* Release 2 - Senen Hyorou

Seiyuu : Romi Paku (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

When Hitsugaya was young, there was always seemed to be an icy manifestation within himself. Then, he always dreamt of being in an icy plain. One night, He dreamt again of the icy plain and in that dream he finally met Hyorinmaru for the first time. However at that time he could not hear the spirit's name. He woke up to find Rangiku (now, is his fuku-taichou) warning him for not being able to control his power. Obviously, he had accidently frozen his grandmother. Rangiku, then, convinced him that power like his needed to be controlled. she continued on convincing him to become a Shinigami. With Hitsugaya's innate talent, he joined the Shinigami academy regardless his tender age. From there, he was known as a prodigy (tensai). Since he was a genius, he was quickly promoted to captain of the 10th Division. What is so ironic, now he is Rangiku's superior.


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