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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An APPLE a day, keeps YAGAMI away...

What can I say about DEATHNOTE. One thing for sure is, this anime is in superb! Love it! This is a dark psychological thriller. When I watched it for the first 5 minutes, Iinstantaneously got hooked. This is one heluva anime.

Raito Yagami
At first, I thought that he is gonna be the good guy in this anime. I know I'm being shallow and one-dimensional. Well, who can blame me, he is so cute and intelligent and what's more he is so polite. Then, comes the deathnote. At the beginning, his actions were based on his pure intention to 'purify' the world from the perpetual 'impurities' but his good intention is deviated when he started to feel omniscient and god-like. He feels invincible and almighty. At last, he is corrupted by newfound immeasurable power. He has the power to determine one's death. Thanks to the deathnote. DEATHNOTE changes all my perspective regarding what I've been taught so far. Apparently Yagami Raito is an antithesis of anarchetypal protagonist. That's brilliant!

L or L. Lawliet (wierd name for a wierd guy)
L is the most wierd character I have ever encountered. In my opinion, L is actually the protagonist, however, we know nothing about him. FYI, a protagonist should have a three-dimensional and dynamic characteristic, but not in L's case. As for L he is a character with double characterizations. He is the antagonist and at the same time he is the protagonist of this anime as well. The creators have certainly made a breakthrough. DEATHNOTE is thought-provoking because it exhibits the theme of good and evil in a different kind of angle and level. I love the twist at the end of this anime (here comes the spoiler!). For those who have finished watching this anime, I believe they would share my opinion that L was ill-treated in this anime. He shouldn't die!

Ryuk (Shinigami)
When I first saw him, I thought he's going to be the real deal. The real antagonist! Well, he is not like the shinigami in Bleach. Based on his revolting look and his humongous built he supposed to be the villian. I know, I have judge a book by it's cover yet again! In DEATHNOTE, he can't be considered as the villian because he is neither Raito's ally nor henchman. His action is driven by his excessive boredom. He considers human beings as a source of entertainment. Thus he can't be blamed in the first place. But then again, if he did not discard the deathnote in the first place, Raito would not pick up the deathnote. Then the whole conflict will surface. BTW, he loves apple so much... (what's up with that).

Even though this anime doesn't have an interesting opening and ending themes (not to my liking, at least) this anime is worth watching. It's a must see. Excellent!

If you are interested in watching this anime, you can download it at this LINK (RMVB format). Enjoy!

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