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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

K-ON!! 20 & 21: The end is near...

K-ON!! episodes 20 and 21 have marked the beginning of the end of the series.
In epi 20, HTT did their final performance before the senpais – Yui, Ricchan, Mio and Mugi- parted and left Azunyan. What will become of HTT after the departure of the senpais? I really wish Azunyan could find replacements before the end of the series. In this epi also HTT had performed first time on stage their new song entitled U & I. As we all know, the song was actually dedicated to Ui and it was written by her one-chan Yui. Sawa-chan took care of their t-shirts and unbeknown to the girls, everybody in the hall was wearing the same t-shirt as well. Sawa-chan was definitely a good manager! Omedeto, Sawa-chan sensei!

The groupies!

The best part in this epi is when all the girls were chilling in the clubroom and they all cried realizing that this concert was actually their last. To me, this was actually a very heart-wrenching moment since this is the last concert that they will have together with Azunyan...



In epi 21, Yui was so obsessed of having new hairstyle for the yearbook photo. She kept on complaining to have same hairstyle for all her yearbook since elementary. The only thing that differed is the length of her bangs. Because of that, she accidentally snipped her bangs way too short thus made her look somewhat weird. At the beginning, she was upset with it but since the rest of the gang supported her, she finally owned her new hairstyle!



In this epi also, Yui and Ricchan finally made up their minds on which college they would go. They chose the same college Mugi was planning to enrol. Upon hearing to this, Mio finally decided to follow suit. Her decision was actually approved by Sawa-chan and this means that the four of them would be together in college as well. Yeay!

Itsumo issho!

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