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Friday, August 27, 2010

The freakiest episode ever!

Shiki episode 8 really freaks me out! Seriously! This is the creepiest and freakiest anime to date!

In the previous epi, Akira and Kaori felt something was amiss with the those who were dead. Natsuno believed them and he suggested to dig out Megumi's grave in order to ensure his assumption. After discovering that Megumi's grave is empty, Natsuno believed that Megumi had become The Risen a.k.a Okiagari. This was agreed by Kaori and Akira. Suddenly, Kaori was dragged into darkness by a pair of cold hand. She was almost bitten but thanks to Natsuno, she was saved just in the nick of time.

This has certainly given me a nightmare!

As cold as ice!

Natsuno managed to whack the 'person' with his shovel and he realized that the 'person' wasn't breathing. At first he thought he had killed him but he ruled that out after he realized that the 'person's' body was so cold as if he had died long time even before he had hit him with the shovel. Hence, Natsuno realized that the 'person' was actually one the Okiagaris.

The creepiest part was towards the end of the epi. It seemed that Natsuno's family was visited by a mysterious creepy little girl who was actually using a traditional Japanese puppet Bunraku. Who was she actually? Why was she so eager to see Natsuno? I really can't wait for next week's epi.


One of the essential keys of survival against The Risen is NEVER to invite them into your home. However, since the Yuukis were harassed by the girl's tantrum, they finally let her in. Something was totally off with this girl. The question is, will Natsuno be able to save his family members in time? And when she mentioned her 'brother' will be coming soon, who was this 'brother' of hers? My sense is telling me that, these okiagaris were out for Natsuno and his whole family because he managed to dig out the truth behind the mysterious deaths in Sotoba... It's payback time!

BTW, even if you refused to let these okiagaris in, they can always hypnotize you in letting them in. Remember what happen to Masao in the previous epi?


DANS said...

WTF indeed! What the hell wazzat doll? LOL~ scarrryyyy

Kikuri-hime said...

Well, u can say that again!


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