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Monday, August 23, 2010


After the wasteful filler last week,KWMS is back on the track....Yokatta! Hopefully, this week's epi (episode 21) is going to be the point where the Usui-Ayuzawa relationship moves forward....

This week's episode, we are exposed to the fact that Kanou is actually a very intuitive person. He could smell some tension between Ayuzawa and Usui when everybody (even Ayuzawa herself) fail to acknowledge or pretending to - Usui? And he could also sense the feeling that Usui had for Ayuzawa even Usui was being so aloof.

The omniscient Kanou-kun...

Then, enters Shintani Hinata, a VERY mysterious transfer student. However, in this epi we were only exposed the truth about Shintani towards the end. It turned out that Shintani was looking for his long lost hatsukoi and guess what? She is none other than our beloved Kaichou! Surprise, surprise...

The best part of this epi is when, Shintani a.k.a You-kun suddenly hugged Ayuzawa after realising she was actually his long lost hatsukoi. And other than Ayuzawa, it took everybody by surprise...

Major LOL here!

Well, truth also caught Ayuzawa by surprise and this will definitely spark Usui's jealousy. So? What will it be, kaichou? This is definitely a major cliffhanger!


hano.Oshi said...

OMG i still didn't watch it v.v i haft to now

Kikuri-hime said...

Well, you should! It's one of the best anime to date!!!


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