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Saturday, June 6, 2009

When love and hate collide...

Recently, I just finished watching ITAZURA NA KISS (trans: Playful Kiss). Frankly speaking, I was hoping that this anime would be as interesting as some of the romantic-comedy animes that I have watched before. Then after watching half-way through of 25 episodes, I decided to call it a quit. I got so bored. However, I managed to finish all 25 episodes...

To begin with,I really enjoyed the earlier plot. I think it was rather comical, witty and romantic at the same time. I really fancy the portrayal of Aihara Kotoko. She is ditsy bumbling idiot and at the same time sweet, candid and sensitive. Then enters Irie Naoki a cold, arrogant and definitely indifferent boy. Nevertheless, he is the most popular student in school just because he is genius and very good looking. Well, he is the exact opposite of Kotoko. But then again, opposite attracts!

The story opens with Kotoko's rejection by Irie. In my opinion, she was rather courageous and confident when she tried to give him a love letter, a confession of her true feeling for him. Unfortunately, she was rejected coldly in front of so many students...

However, this did not dishearten her...

Then, Kotoko and her father were forced to move into Irie's family mansion because her house was damaged during a mild earthquake. It seems that Kotoko's father and Irie's father were best friends so Irie's father insisted them to move into their mansion...

Then it all began, the well-expected love-hate relationship between the two...

Let's cut to the chase, shall we!

Kiss me and shut up!

Well, one thing led to another, Irie and Kotoko got married. Irie worked as a doctor and Kotoko worked as a nurse. That's so lame! Anyway, I have to admit that the ending is rather sweet and definitely has the 'awwww' effect. They finally have a daughter, Kotomi, who has Kotoko's cuteness and charm as well as Irie's wit.

A picture perfect!

So much I hate to admit it, the reason why I don't quite fancy this anime is because the plot doesn't seem 'normal'. I thought it is forced and unnatural. Plus, they don't look aged at all. Considering that the marriage has reached its 8th year. Plus, I believe, in order to make a story interesting, the protagonist should undergo a serious conflict. And it seems that the conflicts in this series are too simple and not so profound. In my humble opinion, I think the creator should focus on more serious conflicts that can really test their love.

FYI, my interest of this anime stops after episode 14 when Irie, after much deliberation and obvious denial, confessed his love for Kotoko. He said, and quote unquote:
"You love ME. You won't be able to love anyone else!"
At that exact moment, my heart skipped a beat....LOL. However after episode 14, my interest suddenly heads south. Somehow the idea of marriage in shoujo anime doesn't appeal to me. Maybe, the episode should stop there and let the audience imaginations run free, or rather, run wild...

Another reason for my dislike of this series is, imh, the animation as well as the graphic of this anime are not good enough. The facial expressions are not so realistic and not well-drawn. Sometimes, the looks on the characters' face can be quite weird. Well, that's my love-hate relationship with this series. My two cents!

Anyway, I would like to recommend this series to all since it is clean from any profanity as well as nudity. Check out this LINK for the episodes download. Have fun!

There is also a Taiwanese and Japanese live-action drama based on this anime / manga... I wonder if the share similar plot...

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