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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tsundere and her merry friends

I was introduced this anime OOKAMI-SAN AND SEVEN COMPANIONS (a.k.a Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakamatachi) or simply Ookami-san, by one of my students one day. I downloaded the first episode and I instantaneously hooked! I really love the anime and I believe this anime will be on top of my ongoing anime list. So, how did it fare?

This anime is about an adventure of Ookami-san adapted from a series of a light novel created by Masashi Okita. The series will be based on parodies of old fairy tales with funny and light-hearted undertone.

The female lead is Ookami Ryuoko (ookami = wolf) and her side-kick is Akai Ringo (Red Apple) who resembles Red Riding-hood. Another tsundere here.... Just the way I like it! She is assisted by 7 other companions plus a president in an establishment called Otogi Bank.

Otogi Bank is not a real bank. But it works like a bank. In actual fact, it provides services to the clients by helping them solving any predicaments the clients are in. But with one condition. The services are not free of charge as the client must repay the bank's services by helping it in return. That is why it is known as 'bank' because it 'loans' help to the clients. In essence, the anime series will be about the adventure of Ookami and her merry friends helping the clients and hence saving the day!

Like in classeic case of tsundere, in this anime our tsundere heroine meets with the male lead named Morino Ryoushi (ryoushi = hunter) who has his eyes on her (well, he is a hunter, isn't he?) and this will incite a love-hate relationship between them.... Ookami is not exactly fond of this idea of him. Duhh, what do you expect from a tsundere female lead?

Ookami and her merry companions + the president

Anyway, this anime is a keeper. The first episode is the testament! Have a go and mark my word.

I could've sworn I saw Aisaka Taiga somewhere in this anime!


hano.Oshi said...

but can u plz tell us more

Kikuri-hime said...

Well, first off, all stories in this series will be based on famous fairy tales. For example, the first episode actually emulates Cinderella. It is very funny and romantic as well. If you like romantic comedy anime, this series is for you! Have a go!

cecil04 said...

The anime is based on fairy tales you say. What will they come up with next. Can you review the second episode.

Kikuri-hime said...

Soon... all in good time...


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