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Friday, November 19, 2010

Face value...

Kuragehime ep. 5 opens my eyes to the reality.... Men are downright DENSE! The thought that Shu had 'overlooked' Tsukimi, simply supports my premise. Men are too shallow to realize that women are 'magical' little beings. Our outward appearances can change with even just a teeny dab of some make-up on our faces... What's important is the inside which Shu fails to acknowledge.

In this episode, we are exposed to the woman who was at the altar marrying Kuranosuke in the OP... Remember? Allow me to refresh your memory.

Remember her in the OP?

In this epi, it is apparent that the main plot of this series is the up-coming destruction of the Amamizu-kan. And with the appearance of Shoko Inari, it is possible that the secondary conflict in this series is her. Shoko Inari is the EXACT opposite of our female protagonist. She is an attractive manipulative career woman who uses her beauty and sex appeal to get what she wants from men. Apparently, she is up to no good when she is marrying Kuranosuke and that's why Shu was opposing it... Other than learning the shallowness of men's brains, I also learned that villain can be pretty as well... I have a strong feeling that this lady is going to be one of the antagonists in this series.

The moral of the story is, beauty is NOT just a skin deep. It helps you to achieve your goal (and what is wrong with that?) and it helps people to hear and see you. I applaud Kuranosuke as he accepts that the normal Tsukimi, but he believes if she wants to improve herself, or fight for a cause, as was shown in this episode.

Mayaya before...

And this is Mayaya after!

Can you believe this is MAYAYA???LOL Good job Kura!!!

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