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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me likey...

Apparently, R.O.D TV has lived up to its predecessor's reputation R.O.D OVA. It is imperative to watch the OVA first before the TV version. It's a MUST!

R.O.D TV taking place after 6 years of the original plot. The TV version introduces a whole new set of characters. There will be The Three Sisters Detective Agency and also an author who hasn't written anything for years, Sumiregawa Nenene.

The three sisters - Michelle, Maggie and Anita - obviously, have similar power like Yumiko Readman from the OVA. They can control and manipulate paper. In this series, we will discover the whole conspiracy that happens in the OVA. That's why I believe it is a must to watch the OVA first (there! I said it again).

It's hard to explain here. Really, really complicated yet so very entertaining! The graphic details and the realism are so mind-blowing. The developments of characters and plot is so intriguing and thought-provoking. Most importantly, the mystery will definately be revealed. The twist... who can forget the twist!

Two words - MUST WATCH, period!

Click H.E.R.E if you want to download the full episodes. Have fun!

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