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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hachimitsu To Kuroba : Revisited

I believe Honey and Clover season 1 and 2 are the best shoujo anime to date. There are just so little animes with as much spirit as the Honey and Clover (H&C heareafter). This anime is filled with a bit of passion, and blatant slice of reality. The conflicts and problems that are depicted in this anime are what many normal people experience in day-to-day basis. Themes like relationships, friends, work are discussed in perfect realism and intricacy.

Note that all of these themes are portrayed in an incredibly good looking artwork, good storyline flow and incredible music. It's a good package-deal, don't you agree?

In H&C 2, the saddest part is when a big pane of glass fell onto Hanamoto Hagumi (Hagu-chan). That accident cost her right hand and rendered it useless. Since she is an artist and the fact that she couldn't paint or sculpt anymore is totally heart wrenching and painful. I cried and I sobbed hysterically.

In this season too, we are revealed to Morita Shinobuu's past and his secret job (from where he gets all the wad of cash). Who ever thought that crazy Morita actually has a sad and painful past?... In this season also, we will see how Morita and Hagu's relationship is developed.

In a nutshell, I felt the H&C second season is a tad less impressive then the first season (just a little bit). Maybe because the development of the episodes is not very thorough (I wish there will be H&C 3). But then again, H&C season 2 has matured and became a more polished (even the characters), a more serious shows, but I was yearning a bit more of the craziness and the quirk the first season has offered me. KUDOS!

Here's the LINK if you want to download the series. Enjoy!

P/S - How I wish Hagu-chan accepts Takemoto's love and how I wish Yamada could love Nomiya as she loves Mayama!


Alter Ego said...

I also like Honey And Clover. I like it becoz it is different from any other animes that i hv watched so far. Keep up da good work nee-chan!

Kikuri-hime said...

Thanx for the comment. Really appreciate it!

rahimin idris said...

ya, saya suka kartun jepun. dulu saya ada tengok satu cerita. lupin tajuk dia. tu bukan jepun punya anime ke?

Kikuri-hime said...

Yup.. tapi saya x penah tgk citer tu. Mesti best kan... nnt saya google kartun tu... Thanx for the comment!


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