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Monday, July 28, 2008

Building Castle in The Sky : Laputa

The anime movie entitled Laputa: Castle in The Sky has captured my heart in totality! Kudos to the extraordinary master storyteller Hayao Miyazaki.

When watching this anime movie, my heart soars in freedom along with the characters Pazu and Sheeta. The adventure and the characterizations are mesmerizing. Some might say that the characterizations are very simple compared to other Miyazaki's previous work, nevertheless, they have elements of the human personality to which we can all relate. Similarily, his story echoes the same sentiments: flying adventures.

In this instalment, Miyazaki has shown the audience the real utopia. World governed by non-humans, robots to be exact. Somehow, I feel a tad uncomfortable with this sentiment. As if, in my humble opinion, he tries to exude atheist-ism view in this anime (somewhat Asimov's way of thinking). In this installment also, he conveys that anything, be it tools, technology or knowledge, can be used for both good and evil. And just as in real life, good and evil are not always immediately recognisable by mere appearances.

In the final analysis, this anime is for all to watch but for young viewers, this anime needs to be watched with an appropriate guidance. My two-cent!

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