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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To know ANIME, is to love ANIME...

This entry is dedicated to virgins of ANIME...

What on earth is ANIME (アニメ) /ˈænɪmei/ ? Well, for your information, ANIME is not a normal cartoon that we watch on t.v. The first thing you need to acknowledge is, ANIMEs are produced only in Japan. If they are produced somewhere else, therefore they are not called ANIMEs, even though they look, sound and feel like ANIMEs. In Japan, ANIME and MANGA share similar description.

ANIMEs are different from any form of cartoons because they use a special facial expressions and mannerisms. Another difference that ANIMEs have is the 'camera' angle, 'camera' movement as well as the lighting. These elements can best be seen in Hayao Miyazaki's work.

In addidtion, the drawing styles are also varied according to the artistes as well as eras. Sometimes, the drawings can be very cartoon-like (oversized multi-colored eyes) and sometimes they can be very human-like. Most new-era ANIMEs appeared to be more human-like compared to ANIMEs aired before year 2000.

[Click to enlarge]

To add, the hair colors of the character might be somewhat ridiculous and extreme but that's the magic of anime. It is to display the characteristics of the characters. Same goes with the size of the eyes. In fact, the character's eye size is generally a reflection that character's innocence or youth. These large eyes are used to convey a wide variety of emotions that are often more successfully portrayed through non-verbal rather than oral communication. More often than not, the characters can be somewhat androgynous. This situation seems to be more appealing to both female and male audience.

Moreover, ANIMEs are categorised under many types. Such as, historical, mecha, samurai, romance and so on. Sometimes, ANIMEs can be rated as PG as they display extreme subject matter.

To know more about ANIME, click this LINK.

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