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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HONEY for you and CLOVER for me...

Well, I'm no fan of Honey and Clover : Hachimitsu to Kurouba, but when I accidentally watched it I instantaneously fell head over heel for the anime. What do you know, this anime is in the class of its own! It's a breath of fresh air. The plot is simple and 'real'. The charaterisation for each character is really realistic and 3-dimensional. I really like the portrayal of each character especially when everybody has their own monologues and these monologues represent the characters' innermost thought. It's really 'human-like'.

Each character has his/her own internal and external conflicts which make each character unique! Love triangle between Hagu, Morita and Takemoto contributes to the love theme of the anime. Takemoto's quest of life displays the 'coming of age' theme of the anime. The friendship potrayed by each character exudes the theme of freindship and camaraderie in this anime.

Besides the plot and the characters, the theme and the insert songs for this anime are awesome! Very soothing and they complement the moods for each episode! It seems that the creator really love songs by Spitz, Suneohair and Yuki. Sorosoro Ikanakucha and Tsuki to Knife would be my favourite! It's a must watch! Download the series H.E.R.E!

This is one HELL of an anime! KUDOS to the creator!

1 comment:

diDie~inn0cence~ said...

ur really a kipas-susah-mati h0ney and czl0ver,ya??
tp mmg bez p0wn...
Like it 2..


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