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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Of rebellion and justice...

To all HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO fans out there, let's rejoice! The time has finally come. This time around our adored Hitsugaya-taichou will have his glorious moment in 2nd BLEACH movie entitled THE DIAMONDDUST REBELLION (a.k.a The Other Hyourin maru) .In this installment of Bleach movie Hitsugaya will be given so much airtime that will leave his fan inebriated with contentment. In fact, this installment of Bleach movie gives you everything you’ve come to anticipate from one of the best Shonnen Jump mangas in the world.

Nonetheless, I’m not exactly sure the exact time-line of this movie. I am a tad confused whether this movie takes place in between the Arrancar Arc or Amagai-taichou Arc. This is left for you to make your own assumption. Then again, that is not really significant since it doesn't affect the whole plot of the movie. In fact, I am 101% sure that the fans are constantly at edge of their seats watching this awe-inspiring movie!

To the fans of visual art, you will be mesmerized by the dazzling display of colors. This movie consolidates detailed emotional actions with comprehensive characteristics that are sometimes ignored in full length features. In my honest opinion, the animation and the graphics of this movie are absolutely breathtaking. The sound effects and the musical element are crystal clear. Noriyuki Abe really put his effort at great length in demonstrating the extremity of emotion and feeling of battle and honor which are the integral part of Bleach serialization. What's more, I become more emotionally invested as the plot progresses. Michiko Yokote and Masahiro Ōkubo wrote an in-depth and detailed plot line that is not cut up and flows very well. Bleach fans and non-fans alike will enjoy the nifty and splendid themes.

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The scene opens as Hitsugaya-Taichou and his vice captain, Matsumoto Rangiku, are escorting an over-the-top procession (that is similar to Jidai Matsuri) of an important and sacred artifact called the “King’s Seal” across the real world when suddenly they are waylaid and attacked by a masked shinigami and two visoreds (or arrancars). Apparently, these two visoreds / arrancars are merely henchmen of a masked shinigami. Hitsugaya meets head-on the masked shinigami. However he is critically wounded by the shinigami’s zanpaku-tou. At that moment, Hitsugaya believes that he is a deceased friend from his early days named Kusaka Soujiro. Kusaka, however, manages to escape and without much ado, Hitsugaya chases after him in order to retrieve King’s Seal from Kusaka.

Because of his sudden action, he is thought to be in-cahoots with Kusaka in the whole debauchery. As a result, the entire 10th division is placed under arrest and Hitsugaya action is declared treason by Yamamoto Genryusai Shegekuni, the so-taichou. It is Ichigo who finds him and seeks answers to the strange behavior that Hitsugaya is showing.

Meanwhile, the entire Soul Society is in ultimate upheaval. Kusaka is revealed to be the scheming and devious shinigami who has stolen the King’s Seal and has plotted a dangerous scheme to not only Hitsugaya but the entire Soul Society in general. Why did Kusaka steal the King's Seal in the first place? Will he be able to execute his evil scheme? Will Hitsugaya manage to explain his action in time? And most importantly, who is actually Kusaka Soujiro?

The Verdict

In the final analysis, I would love to recommend this movie to all and especially if you are Hitsugaya Toushiro fans. It is filled with action-packed scene from the start till the end. In fact this is far much better than the first Bleach movie, Memory of Nobody ... The DiamondDust Rebellion rocks, bigtime!

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