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Monday, June 1, 2009

The wait is OVER!!!

OMG! Guess what peeps?! After 3 years break, SUZUMIYA HARUHI NO YUUTSU 2 is finally aired! I am so darn thrilled and I can't wait to watch the first episode and to be entertained by Haruhi and her merry friends in action! ... In fact I am even hyperventilating while typing this post.

I bet this season is much more adventurous and mind-boggling. And absolutely, much, much more mysterious...

The 1st season itself has made a tremendous breakthrough in the world of anime. The best part of this anime is the quirky characters as well as the far-fetched imagination of Haruhi-sama.

BTW, if you are wondering where can you download this episode, check this LINK for the torrent!

In the first episode, apparently, Kyon goes back to three years back. Back when he first 'met' Haruhi... And this is where it all begins. Some questions and enigmas in season 1 will be answered in this season!

It is speculated that Mikuru Asahina is Kyon's sister. Really?!

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