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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KISS me... I'm in PARADISE

PARADISE KISS or abbreviated as Parakiss by fans, is first produced as a 5 volumes manga series by a popular mangaka Ai Yazawa (the very same mangaka who creates Nana). Then it is produced into 12 episodes anime by Aniplex. The same production that produces Bleach, Blood+, Kamichu and many more.

Personally, I find that this anime is very 'international' as the idea is very fresh and universal. It deals with world of fashion, glamor, dazzle and runways. IMHO, this anime is daring as it portrays idea of bisexuality and cross-dressing blatantly. Even though, I don't really fancy the notion, I applaud this gallantry!

I also adore the portrayal of the characters like the tall and lanky Hayasaka Yukari a.k.a Caroline; the 'ambiguous' Koizumi "George" Jouji; the pink-haired Sakurada Miwako; the rocker Nagase Arashi and not forgetting the cross-dresser Isabella Yamamoto a.k.a Yamamoto Daisuke.

Apart from the colorful characters, I also adore the opening theme: Lonely in Gorgeous by Kawase Tomoko. The ending is also superb as it is sang by Franz Ferdinand entitled Do you want to.

In the final analysis, I believe that this anime is worth watching. The animation is so realistic and the artwork is artistically done. However, this anime is not recommended to be watched for the whole family. Some values shown are a bit too 'contemporary' for some viewers.

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