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Saturday, August 30, 2008

May God and Her Majesty bless you...

"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation.

The Hellsing Organization, headed by Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing handles in dealing with a new breed of vampires who, evidently, threaten God and Her Majesty Queen of England. The organization, especially Sir Integra, detests the intrusion of the Catholics of the Vatican. She (Sir Integra is the heiress of the Hellsing family) believes that Britain is a protestant kingdom; therefore the Catholics should not intervene.

The anime starts off when it appears that a new breed of vampires is created using a special chip that will give them the characteristics of a vampire. A very powerful and formidable vampire, Alucard, serves Sir Integra and the Hellsing Organization to banish these so-called ‘vampires’ in totality from the face of the Earth. His custom-made gun and his menacing dark power help him in getting rid of the foes. Alucard not only has to combat these pseudo-vampires, he has to fight against other threats as well.

One fateful evening, Alucard met with police girl, Seras Victoria. They engaged in a deadly situation. After that macabre incident he has no other choice but to transform her into a vampire to save her life. She joins the organization and battles alongside Alucard, whom she refers as her master. Alucard poses as her guardian angel and, apparently, always appears when she is in trouble.

Sir Integra also has a butler alias bodyguard named Walter, whom Alucard refers as The Angel Of Death. Even though he looks rather sombre and feeble, apparently he is not. Look certainly can be decieving. He may look like mere butler but the truth is, he is a fearsome killing machine. With his unique killing technique, he manages to decapitate a room-full of zombies in a blink of an eye!

Plot-wise, I think this anime is worth watching. Besides, the episodes are sufficiently satisfactory. I also adore the first opening heme as it is different and distinctive. It's a must watch, nevertheless, this is definitely not a kid stuff. BTW, the one that I watched here is English dubbed and I never thought that it is possible to use the word f**k more than 3 times is in a single sentence.

P/S - ALUCARD is actually DRACULA spelled backward.

Click H.E.R.E to download the episodes.


DANS said...

I thought this was quite a heavy anime? That's why I always skip this title whenever I browse for animes. Is it THAT heavy?

Anyway, I think Alucard has a very 'psycho' appearance which is quite interesting. Hehe..

Kikuri-hime said...

Well, u r correct. It is heavy but not as heavy as Blood Plus. Why don't u give it a go. U might like it... I like it. I love the graphics. So bloody... and Alucard's appearance is, in my opinion, antithesis from any other protagonists from all animes that i have watched. I think i have a soft spot for ugly men... hahahah...

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

really?..blood plus is heavier?..wow, never thought of that..

we should dig into this..lol..next time at your place..pg cari kt seremban..

Kikuri-hime said...

Yup, because...1.Blood+ is much longer(about 40+ episodes). 2. There are so many internal as well as external conflicts in blood+ (yawnnn).3. The plot is kinda dragging, sometimes.

But I do love blood+.

If you havnt watched claymore, why dont u give it a try...

DANS said...

Ya2..Seremban is one of the best port!

Lol...never thought 'Blood +' was far heavier. I got the all the series aledi, but had no time yet to watch.. >.<

Kikuri-hime said...

In my humble opinion, Blood+ deals with much more intense conflicts. There are more than one protagonist (Saya and Kai)and too many antagonist as well(the chiropteron, Diva, Diva's chevalier in fact saya is having conflict in accepting herself too!. I have a review on blood + too if u like to read...


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