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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Human animes!

If humans are like these! Animes creators and animators would have a field day!


DANS said...

yeah2...but I'm more interested in the bunny though..hehe..

hye! It was hard for me finding an anime based blog, and I finally found yours. Nice meeting u...(in cyberspace)

Kikuri-hime said...

Dans, nice meeting u too. I'll be posting more reviews and comments on animes soon. So, do stay tune...

Zaty said...

heheh, i've seen this kind of artwork before, on deviantart. some artists like to make them! pretty cool, in my opinion ^___^

Kikuri-hime said...

Yup, they r cool. I believe they used photoshop to enlarge and enhance the eyes. Kinda awesome, dont u think so?

Kucing Kekenyangan said...

kuri hime san u yang mana 1..hehehe

Kikuri-hime said...

The purple one.. heheheee... Kawaii desu, ne!


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