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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blossom madly, Benishidare: LAME!

Last night I, finally, managed to watch the latest episodes of Bleach. After the Hueco Mundo's arc, there have been so many new characters! And somehow, these characters are quite 'ripped-off'. For example, Kenryuu reminds me of Shuuhei Hisagi; Enryuu looks similar to Tessai; Amagai Shuusuke taichou reminds me of Kyoraku Shunsui taichou; as well as Kifune looks almost like Syazel Apporo Grantz (maybe it's the spectacles). And, the plot has 'deviated' from the last arc.

One more thing, I like the idea that the setting is back to Soul Society and Karakura Town. I miss all Shinigamis a lot, especially Byakuya-sama and Hitsugaya Taichou! From the latest episodes, we are revealed to the fourth noble house in Soul Society. As we all already informed, the first one is The House of Kuchiki, then The House of Shiba, next The House of Shihouin and the last one is The House of Kasumi-Ouji. This might be trivial to others, but to an anime freak like me, it's a biggy!

One of the new characters that is introduced is Kenryuu. He is the 'baby-sitter' of Kasumi-Ouji Lurichiyo-sama. And he is also a shinigami (I assumed fron his black kimono & hakama as well as his zanpakutou). His zanpakutou certainly has the strangest release ever. The shikai, I thought , would be somewhat similar to the Byakuya-taichou's Senbonzakura. When he started to unsheath the zanpakutou, small petals of pink flowers scattered all over the place. Then he uttered "blossom madly, Benishidare!".

I was so excited and anticipated the power of his shikai form. But, I was decieved... OMG, his shikai release is so weird and hillarious. The power of the shikai is, to sprout flowers from the enemy's weapon that eventually renders it useless. Anyway, after the enemy shook off the sprouting flowers, the it is back to normal. I found it so lame! Even Kurosaki and Kuchiki found it lame too! (I like when both of them fainted). The funny thing is, Enryuu, Orihime and Lurichiyo found it cool and amazing! I laughed so hard I hurt my tummy (ok, I exagerrated a bit there). Check out the video!

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