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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Of Cloud and Heart...

Final Fantasy? Not really my cuppa' tea. I believe it is a over-the-top anime and 3D is not really favorite type of anime. Another reason why I don't really heart FF is because the lack of knowledge about it. Plot-wise, it is too complex to understand. Therefore, I never had the urge to watch Advent Children before.

Nevertheless, on one fateful night somehow, I finally watched FINAL FANTASY: Advent Children. Again, I am not a fan of Final Fantasy. I was a bit blurred with the whole plot. And the characters are too many to remember. Maybe because I never watched its previous installments or even play the game. But, all that put aside because I simple adore the graphic and animation! I didn't really care about the whole plot and characters but my eyes were glued to my tv screen!

The graphic and animation are the best I have ever seen! It's so detailed it left you gasping in awe all the time. The realism is beyond my imagination. I really love when Tifa Lockheart toyed with her smooth and silky hair and Cloud Strife's surreal hair blown by the wind when he was riding his awesome, state-of-the-art bike. It seemed so amazing! If fact, you can even see individual strands of his hair. I felt like running my fingers through his hair...

Like I said earlier, I didn't really fathom the whole story's plot but, who cares! The fighting sequence and the action-packed scenes were utterly amazing and fluid! It is so fast and confusing at the beginning, however as you get used to it, everything looks normal.

I simply love it when Tifa Lockheart fought a baddy named Loz (correct me if I am wrong) and when Cloud Strife had a one-on-one battle with a character named Sephiroth. The intensity is really awesome and it's almost tangible. An amazing anime, indeed!

My two cents:

If you are watching this movie for the sake of plot, I advise you to get to know Final Fantasy first before any attempt to watch it. But if you are watching it for the sake of admiring the brilliant graphics, the excellent visual effects and the awesome fighting sequence, (which make up 60% of this movie) this movie is definity for you!

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