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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puhleese... Not For Me : Onegai! Teacher

What can I say about this anime, PLEASE TEACHER. I feel a bit uncomfortable with the whole theme. Yes... it can be romantic but, come to think of it, it's rather ... ludicrous! Come on!... A teacher must remain professional no matter what. Having romantic relationship with a student is a definite NO NO! I doesn't matter even the student him/herself consents the relationship.

And to top it of, this anime is laced with an ecchi theme. To illustrate, Mizuho sensei is portrayed as a ditsy, sexy and seductive (ridiculously seductive, I might say) teacher who has silly addict to Pochy or Pocky (does it matter?). She seems to enjoy prancing around in bikinis, wearing short and tight skirts in front of her under-age students. If you ask me, her character doesn't justify the reality.

The issue of sexuality is not dealt wisely. It is some-what vulgar to my taste. The protrayal of semi-nudity and sex toys are a bit blatant, thus dubs this anime as ecchi and not for the minors. Sorry kids!

To add, I strongly believe the reason for Kusanagi Kei and the sensei to be married is rather far-fetched and nonsense. I mean, do they really have to get married so that Mizuho's secret (the fact that she's an alien) will not be revealed? There are millions, no, gazillions other ways to conceal the secret. In fact, what troubles me most is how on earth could the principle condone to this!

All in all, I don't really fancy this anime and frankly I wouldn't recommend it to be watched or downloaded. Anyway, here's the link if you really want to download the anime

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