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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Preciousssss.....

These are my collections od Anime as well as Jdorama DVDs. I bought them at the local DVDs store nearby my home. Whenever I bought one, I would watch it at one go. For example, when I bought Death Note DVD I watched it continuously until I finished all the episodes. Yes, I know... I am a freak! Well, you can say that again...

Anyway, other that buying DVDs I also downloaded most of the animes that I have watched, so far. Right now, I am downloading Inuyasha as well as La Corda D'oro ~Prima Passo~. And as we speak I am downloading Bleach latest episode 170 from my favourite site, www.realitylapse.com. Sometimes, I download my animes from www.animea.net, but since I don't really fancy downloading animes in AVI format as the size are too big.  

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