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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The power of knowledge

If you are into fantasy, moe and bishies, BIBLIOTHECA MYSTICA DE DANTALIAN (The Mystic Archives of Dantalian) a.k.a Shoka No Dantalian, is absolutely for you. So far, there are only 2 epis and I love the series. It is packed with action and superb voice-acting and the graphics is so incredible.

The series opens with the introduction of the protagonist Hugh Anthony Disward or Huey when he was young. He seemed to be obsessed with books and library. A partially a bibliomaniac, I guess... When he grew up, he inherited a mansion and a library from his deceased grandfather Lord Wesley Anthony Disward. Unbeknown to him he also inherited a Yomihime (trans: Reading Princess) named Dalian.

Huey and Dalian

The 1st episode: Turn-up Book, is about the first meeting between Huey and Dalian. Then one thing led to another, both of them were struggling to banish the creatures that emerged from a cursed turn-up book. In this epi, Dalian finally acknowledged Huey as her Kagimori (trans: The Key Keeper) and granted him the passageway to the Bibliotheca Mystica De Dantalian. At that moment, Huey realised that Dalian was not really a human as she is the guardian of the mystic archives.

Other than the storyline, I also love the graphics and the music as well. A must-watch summer anime series.

Below is the ED entitled Yes, Prisoner by, Marionette... Enjoy! It's creepy and beautiful!


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