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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ninth Coffin: Setsuko's last night...

In the midst of grading exam papers, I should be thankful I managed to download and watch SHIKI episode 9. Well, let's get on to our business...

I am a tad disappointed with this epi, though. I was hoping to see what really happens to the Yuukis and Natsuno. But anyway,this week's epi did not let me down at all.

In this epi, we're finally introduced to the family of Dr. Okazaki: his wife and mother. I always thought he is single since he spent much of his time in the clinic surrounded by young and pretty nurse... Maybe not all are young and pretty.LOL

What's with her hair?!

In the previous epi, Toshio was trying his best to save the dying Setsuko by keeping her in the clinic. Based on his previous experience with the dead patients he believed the okiagari could not drink up the victims' blood in one shot hence keeping her in the clinic is the best action. After 3 (or was it 2) days, her condition was improving thus proved that the Okiagari need 4 day to drain their victims' blood. This was actually agreed by Muroi Seishin.

However, that night -while staying vigil- Muroi and Toshio were startled by a strange screeching sound coming from the window. Realizing that the room was actually on the second floor and and there was no foothold at the window, both of them decided to unshed the blind. To their surprise it was Nao (who had died few weeks ago) floating outside the room! Fortunately, she couldn't enter and claim Setsuko since she was not invited (remember the previous epi?). Meanwhile, Setsuko was thrashing in her sleep as if she was having a nightmare...

Sheeeesh! This is so freakin' crazy! I would faint if I were there...

Nonetheless, on the 4th night, the clinic was suddenly ambushed by the okiagaris and Setsuko was kidnapped by the guy with the weird hairdo... (which I can't seem to remember his name).

Inuyasha???? I dunno you are in this series?

Since the rest of the okiagari could not enter the clinic, this guy snuck into the clinic and attacked Toshio from behind. As Toshio was overwhelmed by the Inuyasha look-alike, Setsuko was kidnapped and brought outside among the okiagari. She was killed that night by Nao (her daughter) and then her blood was voraciously drained by the rest of the okiagari. According to Toshio, it seemed that the ambushed was planned so that Setsuko's blood could be drained in one shot. Question: Since Setsuko was killed by the okiagari will she become one of them?

After all the hard work done by Toshio... Everything seemed futile...

What I really like about this epi is Toshio's deduction on how the okiagari killed their victims was proven. Even though he failed to save Setsuko, at least he had found the truth behind the mysterious deaths in Sotoba. And from here he will try his best to find their weaknesses. I can't wait for the next epi. What will happen to Natsuno and his family? This is so tormenting!

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