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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is this all you got?!

KWMS epi 22 had left me unsatisfied... For heaven sake, there will be another 4 epis more to go and by the looks of it, this series will NOT resolve well. I hope there will be the second season for this series. Miyabigaoka's boys especially Igarashi Tora NEED to have MORE air time!

In this epi, the appearance of Shintani Hinata doesn't really pack a punch to the whole plot. I was hoping more from him as he was supposed to be Usui's rival. However, from what I watched in this week's epi, Usui should no worry that much... Even though it did spark Usui's jealousy the impact was not what I expected.

In this epi as well, it is revealed that Shintani was the total opposite of Usui. He is candid, childlike and also frank. When both Ayuzawa and Shintani were inadvertently trapped in a storeroom, he even revealed his feeling for Ayuzawa but I am not very sure whether it was reciprocated. He wanted Ayuzawa to see him as a man instead of a boy. However, before Ayuzawa even managed to say anything, she was 'swept' away by the jealous Usui.

The part where I adore the most in this epi is when Usui asked Ayuzawa whether Shintani is special to her. This is simply priceless!!!!

Since this was the final 5 episodes before the finale, I am hoping something good and memorable as a resolution...

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