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Friday, August 28, 2009

A cauldron of emotions

I know this is a late entry. CLANNAD has been around since 2006 and I just finished the whole series last month. Talk about late! This comedy + supernatural + romantic series is adapted from a visual novel. It is then produced by the same good people who produce Suzumiya Haruhi series – Kyoto Animations a.k.a KyoAni.

Anyway, there is something about this anime series that really gets me hooked. Clannad tells the story of Okazaki Tomoya the male protagonists of this series and Furukawa Nagisa, the female protagonist. Other than that, this series also focuses on his high school friends. Apparently, along the way, their roles are highlighted and each of them are give enough airtime to be noted.

After much pondering, I realized the very reason why I love this series. Each character is given her own special ‘arc’ that most of the time leaves me sobbing quietly. The saddest arc would be Ichinose Kotomi’s. It saddens me to the core when she waited for her parents to come home only to know that they had died in a plane crash.

Ichinose Kotomi slaughters violin...

Another arc that touches me is Ibuki Fuuko’s. She was actually an ‘apparition’ of a girl who was in coma who seemed to haunt the school because she had ‘mission’ to complete. At the end of the arc, she finally accomplished the mission and when her apparition disappeared, no one seemed to remember her…

Fuko-chan + hitode = KAWAII!

Besides that, the minor characters are not wasted at all. Another brilliant point of this series! There are quite a few minor characters that gradually leave a lasting impact, such as Sunohara Youhei, and Fujibayashi Ryou, as well as Nagisa's super-doting parents. I can certainly vouch that in the end, it will leave you with such mixed emotions that make you laugh, cry and perhaps allow you to discover emotions you thought you might have never had.

All in all, this anime is clean from any profane language as well as any lewd element and hence I would love to recommend this to all. Download the series HERE, if you are interested, that is.

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