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Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's Rumble, Samurai Style!

The original reason why I fancy anime is because I simply love the action and the fighting sequence. Don't get me wrong, I am not a sadist or even a masochist it's just that I fancy the animation as well as the realism of it. In fact that's the reason why I really enjoy SAMURAI 7. I daresay, for those who haven't watched this anime, they might assume that this is an ordinary samurai themed anime. Well you are in for a big surprise! This is not a just samurai themed anime, it's a sci-fi action themed anime. That's the perk! It's different from any other samurai themed anime (correct me if I am wrong).

This series is adapted from a classic movie entitled SEVEN SAMURAI or SHICHI-NIN NO SAMURAI by Akira Kurosawa. The main difference is the science fiction setting, as the series feature mechas, flying castle and other futuristics elements . The most noteworthy example is Kikuchiyo who has a mechanised body. In addition, the motley crew of seven samurais in this series are Kanbee, Gorobei, Heihach, Katsushiro, Kyuzo, Kikuchiyo, and Shichirouji. They are expert in different fields . For example, Heihach is an expert in mechanical items and object and Kyuuzo and an expert swordsman. In addition each character has different background, history and purpose to fight. The antagonists in this serial is known as Nobuseri and they are one heck of an enemy. These are not ordinary enemy, they are armoured with high-tech weaponry and armoury. BTW, there is a hint of romance in this anime however it is obscured by the main theme (war and survival) of this anime.

The worst part of this series is when Kyuuzo was shot accidently by Katsushiro. Ironic huh... Kyuuzo was a great swordsman but at the end a gun ended his life. This certainly tells us that his death marks the change of time...

If you need to download the series, here's the link. Enjoy!


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