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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Love My Right Hand...

When I watched the episode 1 of Midori No Hibi (Midori Days), I thought the anime is rather ludicrous. And when I finished watching all 13 episodes, I still think that it is ridiculous. Even though the themes are interesting and sensible (love, loyalty and the friendship), the thought of having a living breathing diminutive girl as your right hand doesn’t appeal to me at all!

And, if you notice something, both protagonists are ‘recycled’ characters. Sawamura Seiji somehow reminds me of Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach and Kasugano Midori reminds me of Ai Mori from Ueki No Housoku ~The Law of Ueki~.

However, I do like how Seiji and Midori develop their relationship. It’s romantic and at the same time comical. There are scenes or events that made me laughed so hard and there are some heartfelt scenes that made cry. It’s fun comedy. Then again, in my humble opinion, this anime is a tad ecchi-ish. In the first episode, Midori’s naked top is revealed to the audience, which ,in my humble opinion, is very blatant! Yikes! Anyway, this is a feel-good anime. Don't expect any profound and serious conversation in this anime.

I don't have the link to the anime download. However, I do have the link to the MANGA. Do enjoy yourselves!


Zaty said...

hahaha, i love midori no hibi. i watched a bit of the anime but all of the manga and i have to say that i prefer the manga version. but i guess i might be biased because i usually prefer manga to anime anyway, haha.

AH! no wonder they look somewhat familiar. but then again, recylced character physique is not so much a problem for me i guess.

like you, i like how they developped their relationship. it really is a feel-good, sweet comedy with some ecchi flavor. haha. ^_^

Princess Liyana said...

Salam singgah and salam kenal:)
huhu wow sukanya dia kat anime ek:)

Kikuri-hime said...

thanx for the comment. I don't really fancy manga because the graphics are way too haphazard for me. Heheheh.. Anyway, thanx for the comment!

Salam kenal jugak. Yup I LOVEEEE anime. Thanx for dropping by...


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