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Friday, June 6, 2008

Fresh Bread, Anyone? : Yakitate! JaPan

At first, I was quite fixated over this anime. I like it because the (early) plot is rather intriguing. In addition, I like the portrayal of the protagonis, Azuma Kazuma. He got spunk and spirit and at the sametime he is so naive. Kawachi Kyosuke is funny and a bit pigheaded. He complemets Azuma very well. Moreover, the theme is very unique. I regard this anime as an eye-opener. It gives out the important information regarding bread and bread making. Other than that, the opening and ending tracks are rather catchy and interesting.
Well... here comes the bad part! I hate this anime because of its ridiculous and quirky characters. It is funny if the characters are only one or two intermittently shown in the episodes but not throughout the entire episodes!
  • There is a character - Meister Kirisaki - who is bemasked 24/7. To add, he has a pet peacock that is more intelligent than a dog (the peacock can answer a telephone call!).
  • Pierot : The self multiplying clown who seems to have the ability to pop anywhere and everywhere he wishes to be. In the finale, he emerges from the sky like Ultraman.
  • There's this Mokono character (correct me if I am wrong) who wears a mask of a koala but then later he changes his mask to panda.
  • A king who wears a lion head for a mask and he seems to be wearing it througout the episodes! What is up with that?!
  • Mr. M seems happy with his afro hair-style and he managed to influence Kawachi to have one.

There are also lot's of 'anomalies' in this anime. Somehow, I was rather 'amused' with these quirks. Whenever people eat Azuma's bread they will have 'reactions' and among of these 'reactions' are...

  • Out-of-body experience : Kuroyonagi died briefly and gone to heaven as a reation when he ate Azuma's bread.
  • bodily transformation and mental distortion : For example, in episod 44, Pierot once transformed into Detective Conan Breadogawa (Edogawa)!
  • distortion in time and space continuum: Azuma's bread has changed the past and resurrected Pierot's dead parents.
  • parody: Episode 44 contains both parodies of Initial D and Michael Schumacher, and also of Doraemon. In episode 59, there is a parody of Naruto where Kawachi (Naruto) and Suwabara (Sasuke) are fighting using various parodied techniques.

Well, actually, there are so many quirks in this anime. And you'll only understand me if you watch it yourself! Anyway, you can download it at the LINK I have provided in this blog. Good luck downloading!

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