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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ao No Exorcist: My first impression

Finally I got the chance to watch the very first epi of AO NO EXORCIST (trans: The Blue Exorcist) and I adore it. This anime is worth watching and I am going to follow this series till the end.

In 1st episode: Demons Dwell in the Hearts of Human, we are introduced to the main protagonist Rin Okumura. He has a twin, Yukio who is the exact opposite of him. Yukio is bookish, mild-mannered and intelligent while Rin is rowdy, rough delinquent and a tad cantankerous. Both of them live in a old church together with their guardian named Shiro Fujimoto.

It seems that, Rin is a loser and always runs into trouble whenever he goes. Nevertheless, unbeknown to him, he possesses a special power as a result of his 'special' lineage....

I really love the portrayal of the protagonist and his characteristic. The graphic and animation are excellent and the best of all, I really adore the ED theme. The title is Take Off by a South Korean boy band 2PM.

I can't wait for the ext episode... Finally a good anime series that is worth watching!


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